You are planning an overseas wedding or a dream holiday trip with your buddies. You have noted everything from the number of people that will accompany you to the number of pillows you will stuff in your suitcases. To make it a memorable journey, you might prefer to hire a travel agent who knows how to personalize your travel experience with the most reliable resources.

However, in today’s digital era, the face of travel is not what it used to be a few decades ago. We have multiple options today that can educate us as per our needs. The internet gives you a platform to conduct thorough research regarding prices, types of services, and accommodation for your travels.

It is always best to view your options and talk to various agents to level the playing field. Needles to say, the right travel agent will accomplish things that not even a search engine can. Our extractions below will highlight some tips to guide you about dos and don’ts when hiring a travel agent for your trip. Some of them are listed as follows:


Whether you hired an agent through a host agency or received a referral from a relative or family member, you should do some research before hiring any travel agent. Consider visiting the web page of your travel agent that shows his or her services. Also, check the list of services offered by your preferred agent. It will help you to identify the extent to which he/she might help you. Check the educational background since universities are now offering hospitality and tourism degrees online, and your agent might be an international graduate. Most travel agents get into the profession to pursue their hobbies.

Perhaps, it is better to hire an agent with vast experience within the field and a similar educational background. Notably, these two characteristics will help you in getting significant discounts, along with a thrilling travel experience. Remember, the more credentials, certificates, and experience the agent has, the better your travel experience will be.


While hiring a travel agent, many people consider it essential to check the desired professional reviews. However, hiring a travel agent based on reviews only would not be a wise decision. Chances are travel agents might be posting paid reviews to attract more clients. Hiring a travel agent from your local area or community is another reliable option. After all, listening to a trustworthy voice over your phone is still better than listening to a computer-generated 800 number that most travel agencies use.

A sensible decision is to have an open discussion about identifying if he/she is the best fit to work as per your needs. It will help you pick the right travel agent to provide you the best travel experience on a minimal budget. Sure, you can blow all your cash with someone who offers you 7-star accommodation and a bungee jumping trip. But, spending excessive money on the least essential things such as business class airplane tickets might lead to a cash shortage. It can further reduce the overall duration of the planned trip.

Also, always be on guard and stay away from deals and promotions that most travel agents offer these days. These deals and promotions contain numerous hidden costs that will turn your trip into a disaster before it even begins.

  1. Ability to guide you with the best options

The only way to ensure that your travel agent is one of a kind is to see how to react during an uncertain situation. Since there’s always a possibility of unpleasant happenings, it is crucial to hire a travel agent prepared to deal with challenges. Incidents such as; delayed flights or overbooked hotels are instances where you can find out how valuable your travel agent can be for you.

Remember, agents receive handsome compensation for that booking, so it is better to prefer a hotel that costs within your budget. Besides, if your travel agent leaves you high and dry during trouble, chances are they are in the travel and tourism game just for earning a fast buck through commissions. Reliable travel agents typically go the extra mile to ensure that your trip goes as comfortable as it can be.


Like all other contracts, it is essential to carefully review all the clauses from your travel agent before you sign the dotted line. Information about travel details, obligations, rights, and cancellations need a detailed view to avoid any hardships during your trip. Your travel agent is not your friend. He/she is just like any other individual you hire for their services. They will look after themselves first and will not go out of their way if anything goes wrong on your trip.

To know that your travel agent is sincere with you, you will not find any contract discrepancies. Everything will be there in the fine print, and your travel agent will be transparent about everything in it. If you see something like this, you know you have found a travel agent that will stick his/her neck out for you when you experience any issues on your trip. If you have a lawyer, do not forget to ask him to give the contract a read. He will have more knowledge about legal jargon than you and tell you what is out of place.


The right travel agent knows how to speak their customer’s language. They know what they want and will always be there for them when they need their help the most. Nevertheless, go through the tips mentioned in this article as they will allow you to separate time-wasting travel agents from the good ones. In the end, no matter how much people say it, but travel agents will never be obsolete.


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