3 Easy Motorcycle Tricks for Experienced Riders to Practice

3 Easy Motorcycle Tricks for Experienced Riders to Practice 1

Have you been riding motorcycles for years? Have you wondered if there’s more that you can do besides cruising around? Have you ever been curious about doing any motorcycle tricks?

Any motorcycle enthusiast has watched motocross a few times. Were you ever in awe as you watched motorcyclists perform insane motorcycle stunts?

While you’re not on that level yet, there are many safer motorcycle tricks you can try.

If you feel you’re ready, here are the tricks you consider learning:

1. Stoppie

This involves you accelerating and stopping abruptly while leaning forward on your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle should point downward on the front wheel, while the back wheel raises up as far as possible.

You want to try this with a motorcycle that has a front disc brake. This is one of the safer stunts, as you don’t have to speed.

Accelerate up to 20-25 mph, and push your body weight to the front of the motorcycle.

Press the brake and you’ll start your stoppie. You can then increase acceleration to raise the back wheel as high as possible.

Once you master the stoppie, you can attempt the rolling stoppie. With this, you do a regular stoppie and release the brake.

You want to keep pushing your body weight so that the motorcycle starts inching forward.

2. Wheelie

This is another advanced version of the stoppie. You have to accelerate at a faster rate, between 35-40 mph.

You’ll have to make sure you have adequate space in front of you. Once you do, start accelerating and then push your body weight toward the front of the motorcycle.

Your motorcycle should rise up like when you’re doing a stoppie. Continue accelerating while maintaining your balance to do the wheelie.

This is a much harder stunt, so you want to make sure you master the stoppie first. It’s also best to attempt this stunt on mud or grass, as it can get very dangerous.

3. Burnouts and Donuts

Have you ever seen smoke blaze from the back of a motorcycle? This is called burnout, and it’s one of the most fantastic motorcycle tricks you can do.

Accelerate as fast as possible, and then press the brakes as hard as you can. Use the throttle and clutch until your rear tire begins to shake. This will cause the smoke to blaze out.

You want to try this on a closed course. If you can, try to have someone supervise you, as you can slip off your motorcycle.

Once you master the burnout, it’s time to try the donut. When you try a burnout, lean the motorcycle toward the direction most comfortable to you.

You want to accelerate gently and slowly maneuver yourself in a circle while keeping one foot on the floor while you push yourself.

Please make sure you do your best to avoid injuring yourself. You want to check this lawyer group to help you with any motorcycle accidents.

Try These Motorcycle Tricks

Are you ready to attempt these motorcycle tricks?

Make sure you become an expert in riding your motorcycle before you attempt any of these. If you can, try to find a motorcycle expert who can train you.

You should also try these tricks in the order presented. The stoppie is the easiest, so master this before moving onto other tricks.

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