Use Your Lawn for Promotions with Custom Lawn Signs

Custom Lawn Signs

Lawn signs serve various purposes. These not only look great on your greener grass but can also act as cozy advertising materials to show off your brand. Lawn signs are a compact but impactful pack of a punch when it comes to custom advertising. There are a lot of people who view it than what you can imagine. Not just those who drive by the lawn, but all who walk, jog, the postal delivery people, FedEx drivers, recreational cyclists, and a lot more see these lawn signs and go through the content.

Considering all these, lawn signs are ideal for business advertisements, political promotions, event announcements, social cause messages, and so on. You can frequently see such signs for real-estate sales as ‘plot for sale’ signs, public messages, and much other such information. A lot of PR firms also identified lawn signs as the best medium for advertising.

What is ideal signage content for lawn signs?

By the rule of thumb, the content of lawn signs should be made precise and catchy. The passerby drivers or pedestrians may not be stopping at your sign to read through the entire thing. So, the message share there should be small enough to be understood at a single glance. For example, some standard lawn signboards may ideally read:

  • “Say No to Proposition 12
  • “Re-elect Name to City Council
  • “Save Our Schools,” etc.

These are very short and punch messages meant for people who can read them and take it into their memory and thoughts for a quick review. Being short and to-the-point is the trick here. So, use bold and bright colors and emphasize what you want to share.

Configuration of lawn signs

Lawn signs are meant for outdoor signage made of plastic, corrugated plastic, or aluminum materials. These are held up on wireframes or wooden sticks. The signage is then fixed onto the front or back lawns either permanently or temporarily based on your needs. These are meant to be printed digitally and then affixed to the supporting pole. Mass production of lawn signs and customization of the design and size is also possible for lawn sign making.

Ideal for real estate

For the real estate agents and salesperson, with plenty of houses and plots to sell. It is ideal to consider lawn signs as good marketing material. You can include the sale message and contact number and leave at attention-grabbing areas locations on the lawns to get calls. If you make it unique across all the plots with your logo and custom message, people will start to identify your brand and easily look at it, which can add value to your brand trust and acceptance.

Be specific about your size, materials, and content while planning for lawn signs. As there are plenty of options, you can share your requirement with the custom lawn maker experts who will give you some personalized options and quote for the same to make your choice easier. Also, be careful while choosing the sign makers as there are plenty of providers, and not all of them are the same.

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