5 Surprising Benefits of a Career in Home Healthcare

5 Surprising Benefits of a Career in Home Healthcare 1

The Census Bureau predicts seniors will outnumber children in American by 2035. Meanwhile, one in every six people will be over the age of 65 by 2050. With the senior population growing, it’s a great time to consider a career in home healthcare.

On the fence? Here are five reasons to consider working for a home healthcare agency.

By taking this step in your career, you could set yourself up for long-term success. cnaclasses101.com can guide you on how to start a career in nursing and healthcare.

Read on to discover the five surprising benefits of a career as a home health nurse today!

1. Develop Meaningful Relationships

By becoming a home healthcare nurse, you get the chance to form lasting relationships with your patients. Since you’ll work in a low-stress environment, you won’t have to run between patients. Instead, you can give your patients the one-on-one time they deserve.

This gives you the chance to learn from the people you meet and form friendships over time.

2. Choose a Low-Stress Career

Traditional nurses have to run between patients. With at-home healthcare, you get to work in a low-stress environment. Instead of feeling stressed out, you can focus on your passion for helping patients.

Don’t worry about intense work environments like hospital emergency rooms. Instead, discover a dream career by working for a home healthcare agency.

3. Competitive Pay

Home healthcare nurses make an average of $63,750 a year. The base salary can range between $49k and $80k. Your pay can vary based on your location and experience level.

Competitive pay is a big reason many people start exploring a list of home healthcare agencies. Some people worry that home health nurses make less than traditional RNs. While that’s true, you receive benefits that traditional RNs don’t.

For example, you’re able to manage your own work schedule. You won’t have to deal with the burnout of a 12-hour shift. Meanwhile, you’ll only take care of one or two patients at a time, instead of a long list of patients at once.

4. Experience Independence

Not many people find a career that gives them independence. As a home nurse, you won’t run between nurses and doctors. Instead, you can make decisions on your own.

You’re given more control over day-to-day choices and responsibilities. You’ll learn how to take care of patients based on your own work experience.

You can even take classes to continue your education. For example, you might consider becoming a Respiratory Therapist in addition to a nurse.

5. Flexible Work Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a home health nurse is flexibility.

You won’t work 12-hour shifts like traditional nurses at a hospital. Instead, you have the independence to control your work schedule. You can decide on your weekly assignment to customize your career as you see fit.

If you’re a busy parent or taking care of someone at home, it works perfectly!

Consider Your Future: 5 Surprising Benefits of Working in Home Healthcare

Ready to consider making a change in your career? Give becoming a home healthcare nurse some thought. By working with a home healthcare agency, you can take control of your career and discover your dream job!

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