8 Ways to Make Your Trip Enjoyable and Safe


The news is full of sad and tragic stories of people getting attacked while traveling. Undeniably one cannot ensure his/her complete safety while traveling to new places. There have been various instances of purse-snatching, scams targeting naive travelers, and sex trafficking. Fortunately, there are some safety practices you can follow to avoid major problems.

If you are planning your next trip, you should check out these safety tips for a fun and enjoyable visit:

  1. Keep people in the loop: After deciding your travel destination, let your family know where you are going. Since you never know what might happen, it is better to have a friend or family member check-up on you. And if they do not hear from you after a few days, they can notify the authorities about the situation. You can even share your live location from time to time so that they can track your location.
  2. Do not tell strangers too much: It is vital to inform some people about your whereabouts. But do not make the mistake of announcing everything to the world. Avoid the temptation to make long social media posts about when and where you are traveling. Doing so might just put a target on your back for people with ill intentions. Do not tell people you have only just met about where you are staying. And if someone seems too overly interested in your plans, it is better to provide inaccurate information.
  3. Have a COVID-19 free trip: This is a crucial one. With the pandemic situation like it is, traveling has become a complicated business. And if you contract the virus in a foreign country, then your idyllic retreat can quickly turn nightmarish. Therefore, take all the necessary precautions on your journey. Load up on sanitizers, face masks, and wipes. You can also try staying at places that prioritize guest health and safety. For example, the pigeon forge hotels have doubled up on their cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Trust me; there is nothing more vital than being safe this travel season.
  4. Step outside your comfort zone, but do not do anything irrational: Traveling is all about new adventures. So, you will need to step outside your comfort zone. Immerse yourself in the experience by trying the local cuisine and visiting the less-traveled spots. You can always ask the locals about the best places to explore. But, remember to be careful in your travels. In the age of social media, people engage in risky activities to get that Instagram-worthy picture. While images are an excellent reminder of your trip, don’t get involved in dangerous things for a picture that puts your life in jeopardy. Avoid provoking the local wildlife for photos. Such behavior has often ended in severe injuries or even death. Do not stand near the edge of cliffs, and take note of safety signs and precautions.
  5. Bring something to pass the time: When you travel to far off places, you will sometimes get bored and need entertainment. Most cities have unreliable public transport so you might have to wait for hours. And what are you going to do during that time? Well, you can read a book or play a card game with your friends. You can also listen to music or your podcast to pass the time.
  6. Get travel insurance: You cannot predict what will happen to you when you travel. Therefore it is better to be prepared for anything. Travel insurance can safeguard you and your gear. You can also get insurance for expensive equipment so that it can get replaced if stolen. Some insurance providers cover COVID-19 as well, so you might want to look into that.
  7. Research common scams: Scammers exist all around the world, and most of them operate very sophisticatedly. So, how can you avoid these crafty con artists? First of all, keep in mind that it could happen to anyone. So, do not assume that you are scam-proof. The best thing you can do to avoid cons is to prepare yourself beforehand. Comb through Google for the most common travel scams in the city of your destination. Some scams are particular to specific countries, like the ring scam in Paris. If you know about a con, then you can easily avoid endangering yourself in a foreign country.
  8. Travel safety for women: Travel safety can mean very different things for women and men. Since women are more vulnerable to violence, they must take precautions before traveling. To avoid harassment or assaults, women should travel in groups.


You have to take risks when you travel, but the good news is that you can also manage the risks. Do not become scared of a place by reading things on the internet. Prior planning and being proactive will help avoid undesirable situations. Just remember to take your precautions, and you are good to go.


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