Tips For Buying Cheap PC Online

Tips For Buying Cheap PC Online

Not quite long ago, comfortable, clear, and fast gaming on PC used to be very expensive. Nowadays, there are cheaper alternatives to some of the best and most likely expensive gaming PCs around.

Whether it’s a pre-built gaming PC or you’re building your own, it is important to get value for money as well as not overspend when you have more affordable and great options.

Online tech stores for computer gadgets and gaming PC components are the go-to place for all things gaming. Although some of these stores sell some pricey gaming components, there are still a handful of stores like CLS Computers where you can buy cheap PCs online.

What To Consider When Buying a Cheap PC Online?

Whether you want to work with a PC Konfigurator or you want to buy a cheap pre-built PC online, here are the things you need to look out for before making a deal.

#1. Design

As much as your gaming PC performance is important and vital for the gaming experience, the look and feel of your PC are also important. Some gamers prefer their PCs with colorful paint jobs and cables, transparent windows, and liquid cooling facilities.

PC companies sell some cool gaming PCs with custom designs. However, custom PCs do not come cheap as a custom paint job can cost up to 205 euros.

#2. Pricing

Anything more than 1000 euros moves your gaming PC from the starting range of affordability into the mid or high-level range.

You can get some of the more advanced components for a total of around 2,500 euros, and that may be a lot to spend on a gaming PC.

Although there are lots of affordable options out there with total cost starting from 600 to 700 euros.

#3. PC size

Gaming pc desktops come in various shapes and sizes. However, your choice should depend mainly on whatever specifications or components you want to add to it.

A great gaming pc should be able to accommodate all the specs and components you need, from your motherboards to your GPU and sometimes even fans or water cooling pipes.

In all, your ideal gaming PC should be large enough to contain your components, but shouldn’t take up more space than necessary in your gaming area.

#4. Performance

Your gaming PC’s performance is one of the most significant aspects of the gaming experience. A big part of PC performance is how smooth your graphics processing unit (GPU) makes your frame rate.

Video RAM and Processors like Intel’s 8th generation core i7 also play huge roles in enhancing or ruining the performance of your game. GPUs from Nvidia Pascal or AMD are some of the better ones, although costlier.

#5. Flexibility In Upgrades

If you’re looking to move with the times as gaming technology changes and your games bring out more sophisticated updates, then go for a gaming PC set-up that allows for upgradability.

This is because it is cheaper to replace an obsolete part of your gaming PC than buying a whole new PC. Make sure the interior of your PC is accessible so that parts can be easily replaced and upgraded.

Guide To Buying Cheap PC Online

When you decide to go into gaming a little more, you will realize that your regular office PC won’t be suitable for some of the PC games. So you have to decide between getting a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop with unique and high-quality components.

Generally, gaming laptops can be quite more expensive than gaming desktop PC. However, getting all the suitable and high-quality components can get a little expensive and even exceed your budget if you’re not watchful.

This means you may have to spend rationally and decide on the parts that you need to save money on. Besides, you need to figure out the other components that you have to go with at the highest available and affordable quality.

But know that your gaming experience may not be wholesome if you mixed a low range of components with high-quality ones. Here are some more tips for buying a cheap PC online

  • For a pocket-friendly CPU, go with a Core i3 or even a core i5 processor.
  • Don’t save money on the PC power supply unit.
  • For better resolution, frame rates, and colors, use at least a resolution setting of 720p and 1080p to go with a mid-level graphics card
  • The size of the memory you choose will affect the speed of your gaming PC. If you run many tabs in the background, you will need a larger RAM size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions people want answering when they look to build their ideal and affordable PC.

Q1. How Much Will A Good Gaming PC Cost Me?

If you’re looking for a cheap PC set-up without having to give up great gaming experience features, an adequate PC starts from 575 euros to over 800 euros.

Q2. How Do I Make My Gaming PC Fast?

A lot of gamers, both newbies and experienced gamers sometimes wonder how best to make their gaming PC fast. A fast PC is a combination of various factors. Some of these are:

  1. Adequate power
  2. Good hybrid or SSD storage.
  3. A good multi-core processor with a clock speed of more than 4.0 GHz.
  4. Suitable cooling systems, whether fans or liquid cooling, to avoid overheating.
  5. Whether it’s Nvidia, AMD Radeon, GeForce, have an updated graphics card.

Q3. How Much RAM Does My Gaming PC Need?

How much RAM you need depends on the sort of games you play. Also whether or not you stick to only playing at a time or you multitask while you’re at it will determine the size you need.

For most modern PC games you may need to get at least 16 Gb of RAM.

Q4. How Long Does A Gaming Pc Last?

Buying a gaming PC is investing in a hobby you love. However, gaming PCs do not last forever as their parts wear with time, requiring you to change them.

The average gaming PC lasts between two or three years, and if used diligently, could last almost a decade.

Q5. Should You Turn Off Your PC Every Night?

You may most likely use your gaming PC up to as much as 16 hours a day. So should you turn off your PC every night?

Well, people who leave it in sleep mode argue it saves them booting time whenever they need to put it on.

Why this is helpful, putting your PC off each night after a long gaming session helps preserve your PC’s performance. It also helps you save a little bit of electricity and reduces heat.


If you choose to build your PC yourself, then you must know that how much it will cost you depends largely on the components that you need.

However, for newbies, a cheap gaming PC is a fast and easier way into the gaming world. Building your PC not only allows you freedom but it also helps you to be thrifty where needed.


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