Enjoy Water? Here Is a List of Places You Can Consider In 2021

Enjoy Water? Here Is a List of Places You Can Consider In 2021

People have different ideas about enjoying themselves. Some like places on land while others prefer to enjoy the water. There are so many places on earth that are for water lovers because our planet is mainly water. Water resorts, Islands, beaches, riverside walkways, and sea views are some of the most liked places. The previous year has been dull and boring because of the pandemic, so everyone looks for a new life shift. Traveling is always a terrific way to explore the world, meet new people, and make long-lasting memories. Traveling is a delightful experience full of fun and new experiences and endless memories.

If you are in search of great travel destinations for 2021 where you can fulfill all your desires of taking joy in the water, here are some places which you can add to your bucket list!

Tennessee WaterFalls

Tennessee has beautiful and majestic waterfalls filled with wildflowers and vibrant colors. It is a great spot to visit to give yourself a break from the hectic routines. There are several waterfalls like Cummins Fall, Burgess Falls, Fall Creek Falls located there. The spectacular mountainous view gives a soothing effect to the eyes. While visiting Pigeon Forge or near about staying in the cabins on the riverside also gives you a lifetime experience. For instance, Sevierville Cabin Rentals are offering great deals for families to stay conveniently. They offer outdoor activities, luxury passes, and great amenities. To lose yourself in the heartwarming beauty of nature, you must visit the Tennessee waterfalls.


It is a home for the world’s best islands and a mesmerizing sea. The Maldives is a top destination for tourists all around the world. For someone who loves water sports and activities, it is a must expedition place. Aim to plan a trip of around one to two weeks to take this place’s full charm because there are numerous activities and adventures. To participate in them, you need several days. Consider the Maldives as your top destination when you think of traveling next time.

The Dalmatian islands, Croatia

Located in the Adriatic sea, Dalmatian islands are gorgeous islands full of natural beauty. They present a unique and traditional blend of realistic and pragmatic vibe. There are several villages, fantastic hotels, and restaurants across the coastline of the sea. Some of the breathtaking beaches are Brac, Zlatni Rat, Hvar, and Pakleni islands are famous for crystal clear water and secluded coves. You will find red-roofed and whitewashed buildings that present a very characteristic and appealing outlook.

Havelock Island, India

For an adventure-loving individual who is not scared by any obstacle, Havelock Island is a great choice. This Island is situated very far, which makes it difficult to access most of the time. But it is worth it. The snow-white beaches, aquamarine waters, and snorkeling far from the crowds is what you get at Havelock Island. Dive deep in the ocean and explore the marine life without any interruption and the unnecessary crowd.

The blue lagoon, Comino Island, Malta

Comino Island is famous for its white aquamarine waters and white sand beach. They get usually crowded with day-trippers in the summers. It is Malta’s third largest Island. It is a small island that is great for snorkeling, rambling, and diving. The ambiance is very soothing and peaceful. There are a handful of buildings and cars to accommodate people. It is an admirable choice for people in summers!

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

If you love cold temperatures and you can ignore the harsh glaciers, this place is a superb go-to place for you. Snow-capped mountains surround the lake. The lake remains frozen throughout the year. The beautiful scenery looks enchanting and looks like it’s right out of a fairytale!

Five Flower Lake, Jiuzhaigou National park China

The park’s most attractive spot is Five flower lake. It is full of waterfalls, which make it unique and splendid. The water is so clear that every surrounding thing reflects its image in it like a mirror. It is one of the most popular places to go for families and kids because they enjoy this classy pattern of the waterfalls.

Hawaii, A world of waters

To witness the most amazing sunsets, the best surfing, and the warmest sunshine, go to Hawaii. For years Hawaii has been the most demanding destination for newlywed couples, teenagers, and children. You can find all sorts of marine creatures ranging from sharks to dolphins. One can enjoy the thrill of a variety of activities in Hawaii. Deep-sea diving, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing all these adventures are available in Hawaii.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The coast looks very artistic and dreamy for about 50 kilometers. It looks like a masterpiece of an artist carved most perfectly. You can take a drive along the coast, hike along the tracks to indulge in the beauty of it. They have excellent local restaurants that offer delicious seafood right from the stove. They organize several musical nights where you can take joy in traditional music and dance with your loved ones. You can find multiple vineyards and orange groves there.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

It is a lost world of dragons and knights. If you look around the landscape, you will find it much similar to it. It blesses the tourists with a blend of romance and adventure. It is a perfect place to spend a romantic night with your partner, gazing at the starry sky listening to the water waves as they slowly move. Several hiking trails give the tourists a chance to hike around. Local hotels and restaurants make tasty food to make your stay comfortable.

Niagara Falls

Who doesn’t know about the eminent and famed Niagara Falls? These are three waterfalls that mark the border between Canada and the US. These falls were naturally formed due to the water’s breakage from the great lakes through the Niagara Escarpment on the way to the Atlantic Ocean during the last ice age. Tourists from all around the world come to visit these Falls. Children, teenagers, adults, older people come to visit this place. Many artists have drawn beautiful drawings of these Falls that are inspiring and marvelous.


What makes a beautiful beach everything depends on the traveler. This bucket list will help water lovers to pick and choose their next destination in 2021. Now you can easily make up your mind according to your taste. Book your tickets now!

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