7 Booming Career Options for IT Students


Information technology is perhaps the most diverse field throughout the world. If you have opted for an IT degree, you probably know that it consists of a wide range of options for your career. Your first thought might lean towards big-tech organizations like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. However, that is not it. Once you dive in, you will discover a myriad of opportunities and career options on the offering.

Since you have just begun with your quest to find the best IT major, it is better to start by figuring out a suitable computer science major. Once you have chosen your path, it will become easier for you to assess the career options associated with it.

Below are some of the most profitable IT industry career options for the aspiring youth;

1 – Computer Support Specialist

If you enjoy ‘fixing’ computer problems for others, this career option could very much serve your interest. Being a computer support specialist gives you a lot of time and opportunities to experiment with your work. Furthermore, there is no stagnancy as you get to examine a new problem every day. Moreover, support specialists often provide customer services to the public through call centers or work in an organization’s HR or technical support (IT) department. Their job is to help the employees with any technical problems that may suddenly pop-up at the workplace.

2 – IT Security Analysts

One can say that IT security analysts are hackers, but not the wrong kind. Like conventional hackers, they do not work from underground and sneak into people’s systems. These white hat hackers analyze security systems for any threats or attacks. Their demand is high in various industries, as organizations frequently need to protect their personal and corporate data from intrusions and theft. Therefore, if you strive for a career in IT security, cyber security masters will improve your technical skills. It will not only elevate your subject knowledge to a professional level. But, it will also give you an edge in career pursuit.

3 – Software Developer

Suppose writing codes and solving complex technical issues is something you enjoy. In that case, a job like programming and software development will suit you.

Software developers and programmers use their knowledge to create applications, software, and programs for various businesses in every industry. These can be as simple as a platform helping you to find the available spot at a parking lot. Or as complex as something, which could help people with disabilities to use their skills and enhance productivity.

4 – Computer Systems Engineer

Suppose you take joy in solving tricky puzzles and not giving up until you have fixed a particular problem. In that case, this option is perfect for you. Computer system engineers design, maintain, repair, and install computer systems. These individuals are responsible for configuring any technical issue and recommend users to change their computers to alternative networks or a new one. Furthermore, they are also responsible for examining the costs and benefits associated with the systems and documentation. As a computer engineer, you could be the most crucial person in your client’s life. They will need you to come to their rescue in case of any technical problem with their system.

5 – Business Intelligence Analysts

Business Intelligence Analyst might sound like a fancy and complicated job. But it is just a fusion of business management and information technology. Intelligence analysts use their knowledge of data mining in computer science and data storage structures to communicate effectively with their clients and managers.

6 – Web Development

Suppose you love combining your IT skills with your creative spirit or are good at revamping poor web designs. In that case, website development is the right career choice for you. Website developers create web pages for organizations, institutions, online retailers, NGOs, etc. They help them market their business narrative to a broader audience.

Before creating a design, web developers consult their clients to get a clear picture of their preferences, objectives, and ideas to cover several departments and aspects of their business. Besides, they are also responsible for making sure that they fulfill their clients’ requirements.

7 – Software Quality Assurance

Suppose you believe that your logical side is more active than your creative side. In that case, software quality assurance testing will be the best field for you. They are responsible for monitoring various software development stages and checking if it meets the client’s requirements. Additionally, they also analyze software products before reaching the clients and ensuring that they meet their expectations.


The categories listed above are not the only career options available in the IT industry. Internet technology is a dynamic and continually evolving field, giving rise to new career options periodically. As a student, you can figure out a suitable IT career for you by aligning your college degree, interests, personal skills, and passion.

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