Every person wants to lead a life of freedom. They want to be in control of their decisions and choices. Creative living is a way to be more open to the way of being in flow with nature and it imparts one with the necessary freedom and playfulness in their lives.

Each one of us is born creative and creativity is at a peak when we are children. This is because as children, we are not burdened with the way of life and how adults tell us to live. A child can often be seen talking to themselves.

An adult would call it madness but creativity is also about just doing what we feel like, even if it means having imaginary friends.

Creativity flows through each one of us and our simple choices like how we live, how we arrange our things, our choice of clothes, shoes for ladies that they mix and match with other items of clothing, everything is unique to each one of us and tells us more about the creativity of an individual.

Psychologists often study these patterns and behaviors in detail, and so do people like handwriting analysts. They study how we choose to be in small details and they can tell us more about our thinking, emotions, traumas, and using certain algorithms, they can also predict our behavior in the future.


People who are artists or people who are in a creative field like fashion designing, acting, styling, photography, composing music, singing, film making, writing, etc often talk about their connection to the divine when it comes to being creative.

Some of the most widely acclaimed music composers and writers have told in their personal interviews that when they are doing their art, many times, it is like being guided by a higher power to just follow the intuition, and out comes a beautiful piece of art that has the ability to move and emotionally affect millions of people.

Art connects us all as human beings and is one of the things that are sacred to humanity. Without art, humanity would lose touch with the divine and our lives would be like robots.

Artists who chose a life to perfect their craft and spend their time creating something often take the difficult step of being brave while choosing a life of uncertainty.


Human beings are naturally very intelligent beings who have the potential to do great big things in the world. Many make a mark on the world before they die because they discover or create something so important and beautiful that it helps to improve our understanding of the world.

Creativity is a process similar to giving birth. It is how new things and new beginnings happen. Art is just one way of making something.

An artist may also be a very good chef or a very unique shoe designer who creates shoes for ladies or gents. Doing anything new or in other words, doing anything that has not been done before in the way one does it is the ultimate definition of being creative.


Why does everyone want to be creative at all? The answer to that is that everyone wants to lead a life of freedom and spirituality. One does not want to be bothered by the remarks of other people but in fact, everyone is.

People often relate being creative with being the happiest. While in some ways it is true but there is no need to make something in particular for being a creative version of yourself. The fact is that our creativity is a very continuous process like breathing.

Generally, creativity dies among adults when they start taking things too seriously. Even when one makes too much effort to be creative, creativity in its real form dies. The secret to creativity is actually, effortlessness, a sense of humor, and being open and willing while also being loving to everything and everyone around us.

People are also scared to lose their creativity after some time but this is far from the fact. In reality, creativity improves with time and when used more often.

Spending time with children is also known to enhance one’s creative vision as children are pure life and joy and also innocent forms of being. It is like becoming a child again when we are around children and our inner child is also an artist. It wants to come out and play and that is the essence of being creative.

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