Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein – What’s the Difference?

Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein

Protein plays an essential role in the buildup of muscle tissue along with many other benefits such as reducing hunger, boosts metabolism and lowers your blood pressure. Whether you are into competitive bodybuilding or exercising for general fitness, your best buddy is protein. Speaking about protein supplements, the two names that immediately come to mind are Whey and Casein. What’s the difference between Whey and Casein? Which is better out of Whey and Casein? These questions are common in anybody’s mind who’s into strength-training.

Please note that both Whey and Casein are derived from the cheese-manufacturing process. The difference between the two is the rate at which they are digested. Whey Protein digests within a time frame of 20 minutes; Casein Protein, since it forms a clustering inside your abdomen, takes a much longer time to digest. Hence, Whey Protein causes a quick rise in the amino acid levels of your blood, while Casein Protein, since it takes longer to digest, releases amino acids in a steady fashion to prevent muscle from breaking down. So, if you are starting on a new workout plan from superherojacked.com, you require including both whey and casein systematically into your diet plan.

Whey Protein & Casein Protein – When to Take?

As mentioned above, whey protein takes only 20 minutes to undergo digestion and in an hour or so, your body will completely utilize it. This quick rise in the amino acid levels of your blood plays a crucial role in inducing muscle protein synthesis. Hence, it is ideal to take whey protein before, during, or after your workout to bring out your muscles from the catabolic state that lifting weights puts them into.

Your blood amino acid levels, after ingesting casein protein, will take about 4 hours to reach the peak as casein is digested slowly. Hence, it is ideal to take casein protein when you are going to be without food for a longer duration. The steady release of amino acids will ensure that your existing muscles won’t go into a catabolic state and consistently receive the required nourishment. Therefore, you can take casein protein before bedtime or even in the middle of your day when you know you will be stuck for long in travel, meetings, or other professional endeavors. Moreover, casein protein will promote a feeling of fullness thereby preventing you from snacking on unhealthy snacks.

Conclusion – Which is Better? Whey or Casein?

There cannot be an answer to the question as to which is better out of whey protein and casein protein since both need to be put in strategically in your diet plan to ensure maximum benefits. While whey protein will stimulate muscle protein synthesis and promote anabolism, it doesn’t work well in preventing catabolism. Here comes into play casein protein, which is not anabolic but prevents catabolic activities in the muscles through its slow-digesting nature and ensures a steady supply of amino acids into the blood.

Therefore, use both casein and whey in your nutrition plan to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your strength training.


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