How to Choose the Size of the Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity is a functional cabinet usually fitted into a bathroom, designed to store bathroom hygiene products, personal care products, and other medicines. They are generally placed above sinks or on top of toilets. These useful storage units are extremely popular amongst homeowners who are conscious of their bathroom appearance. Vanity cabinets may vary greatly in style and price.

One type of bathroom vanity comes in two distinctly different forms, one with a height and depth adjustable feature and the other without this feature. Height and depth adjustable units are great for people who are not contented with the way their bathroom vanity height is. They can be precisely adjusted to suit the height of a taller person or the need of a person whose chest is smaller than average. On the other hand, people who want a bathroom vanity with a shallow depth, but still a nice aesthetic look can choose this kind of unit. The depth is only adjusted by unscrewing a few screws.

The majority of bathroom vanities are fitted with a standard size bathroom sink. This is the standard height that is universally accepted since it is not very difficult to find the correct sized bathroom sink. It is also fairly easy to replace a bathroom sink if it becomes damaged or stained beyond repair. In this case, a new bathroom vanity will be needed.

If you are thinking about a new bathroom vanity, you should consider a design that will better fit your space and complement your existing design. Many modern vanities come with storage options already built-in, including built-in cabinets below the mirrors. You can then use these storage cabinets to hold various items, including personal care products, makeup, towels, hair care products, etc. Also, many new bathroom vanity cabinets come with a powder room underneath, which can be used for storing extra linens, such as towels, robes, bed sheets, pillows, etc.

Another feature that you may want to consider is the vanities double width range. Double width cabinets allow you to comfortably use two sinks while keeping one accessible for guests. The most popular choice for double vanities is contemporary, with contemporary designs usually taking the maximum amount of space possible. These cabinets often take up less than half the floor space of the bathroom vanity, providing more room to wash and groom oneself.

Many people like the contemporary bathroom vanities that are made with clean lines and large, unobstructed mirrors. However, clean lines do not have to mean dull colors. You can find sink vanities with colorful trim and even marble or granite countertops. You can even find floating vanities that look like a piece of floating art. These bathroom vanities take up significantly less space than their counterparts, yet still, provide a large enough sink for one to clean their hands in.

If your bathroom is small, or you just don’t have the room for larger bathroom fixtures, you may still want to consider purchasing a free-standing sink vanity. Freestanding sinks allow you to move them as needed and use them in a location within the bathroom where there is enough space. Some people even choose free-standing fixtures over regular wall-mounted sinks because the free-standing sink vanities take up minimal counter space, and they tend to look less obtrusive than their attached counterparts. If your bathroom vanity has a large amount of counter space, you may want to consider a hanging sink vanity, which allows you to hang a small mirror above the sink area, without having to cover the entire vanity with a hanging rod.

A final consideration when choosing the size of the bathroom vanity itself is what kind of storage you’d like. Most people seem to think that you need to purchase a sink, a mirror, a combination of cabinets, and counter space. However, there are plenty of products on the market that allow you to create the perfect storage without spending a fortune on the product. Consider some of these options before selecting the size of the bathroom vanity itself.

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