Concepts About SEO


For a website to be successful, it is essential that potential customers can easily find it online, especially when visitors access it through search engines such as Google. Taking a website to the highest positions in the results of the main search engines, implies using SEO tools, acronyms that correspond to Search Engine Optimization. We have compiled the basic concepts and the most common terms when it comes to SEO optimization of web pages.

What is SEO?

For some years now, search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the main branches of Online Marketing and its operation is very simple: those quality content, focused on the user, get a better position in the search engines. While SEO is based on the organic or natural positioning of a website based on its content, SEA or Search Engine Advertising seeks to improve it through paid advertising. Both areas are part of the so-called search engine marketing or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The latter defines in general all online marketing activity in search engines. Find out detailed information about seo audit checklist pdf.

Organic and sponsored results

When a search is carried out on the web, two lists of results are obtained, organic and sponsored, the latter being the result of paid advertising campaigns carried out with the Google AdWords tool. These sponsored links appear in the results as such, visually differentiated from the organic ones, which are the result of a correct optimization of their contents thanks to a previous SEO analysis, and not of paid campaigns.

What is the goal of SEO?

The idea is basically to get an online project, be it a store, a blog or a news portal, to appear in the top positions in Google’s organic results list. To do this, it is necessary to optimize the contents of the web in accordance with the most relevant keywords (keywords) searched by users. A page dedicated to the sale of women’s bags, for example, will be interested in search terms such as “cheap women’s bags,” “buy women’s bags,” and other possible variations. If you manage to position yourself among the top positions, you have a better chance of getting a potential customer to click on your link. And although there are other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo, Google is still the most widely used search engine worldwide.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO


One of the great advantages of the application of SEO techniques is profitability, since positioning is not achieved by paying, but is the result of well-achieved content. The organic optimization of a website involves a greater investment of time and money, but compared to the expenses involved in a paid campaign, the long-term results are more satisfactory. Once Google has detected that a web page is frequently visited by readers or clients and that, depending on the offer, they also buy from it and recommend it in their circle, it is possible to build a good online reputation, thus improving the position of the website. Thanks to the large number of SEO analysis tools available, such as SISTRIX or Search metrics, it is possible to analyze the success of your own website, as well as that of the competition, to see what measures have worked on other pages.

Stay up to date with seo books download and its regular updates. A good SEO strategy that has worked well for months can stop with a new Google algorithm update. Building a good reputation can take weeks or even months, and involves expenses that are difficult to anticipate, while paid advertising usually yields results in a few hours. Of course, once the SEA campaign (paid advertising) is finished, the page loses visibility quite quickly, while SEO optimization guarantees positive results that are maintained in the long term.

SEO Basics on Page and off Page

SEO is applied in two main areas: On Page and Off Page. With SEO on Page, visibility is achieved through the structure and quality of the web page: the content, the format and the images, among others, play a fundamental role. The SEO Off page, however, deals with carrying out measures out of a website: looking indicate to Google that the contents of this readers are relevant also to other websites. Here it is crucial to have external links. A successful SEO strategy must take into account these two aspects.

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