Oaperg’s AWS Division sets out to fix problems exposed by the cloud rush


2020 has brought company shocks by the truckload. Sudden shutdowns, volatile levels of demand, and remote overnight switches have sent businesses riding a roller coaster of transition. But through it all, one thing became clear: the secret to success is the cloud.

We all now realize how important all organizations are to cloud computing. Regardless of vertical, irrespective of industry,’ said Oaperg Technology AWS Division(OTAD).

This year’s AWS re:Invent revealed the intent of Oaperg’s new AWS Division and why innovating with cloud technology is critical for organizations.

Oaperg is committed to the relationship with AWS

The goal of information technology consultant Oaperg’s new AWS Business Group is to help businesses accelerate their transition to the cloud. The organization, created during COVID to address the needs faced by companies during the pandemic, is, according to the company, a “stake in the ground” marking Oaperg’s cloud strategy for 2020 and beyond.

“It’s a great statement to the market that we’re serious about clouds, that we’re serious about AWS,” says OTAD. “For us in our go-to-market for 2020 and beyond, AWS will be a critical, critical player.”

As businesses start moving to the cloud, it seems easy… But there’s a “lightbulb moment” when businesses understand “just how hard the cloud is,” he said, after the first 10 to 30 percent of workloads have been transferred. That’s when they want to move on-site legacy apps that are firmly rooted. And a pure cloud strategy’s simplicity no longer makes sense.

For this reason, almost 90 percent of CXOs can tell you they have had to adopt hybrid architecture.

The gaps and inefficiencies found in 2020 have been Interesting

According to the company, other pain points in the cloud migration phase are triggered by the disclosure of discrepancies and inefficiencies inside business workflows and organizational processes. These focus on areas such as staff efficiency, protection and access to information remotely and can take place at all levels.

Most businesses weren’t prepared for that. As the enablers to solve these market challenges, AWS and Oaperg operate. And, in a break from the standard, the discussion begins with a statement of the desired result at the C-suite level.

A customer will come to us, come to AWS, ask for a result, ask for something, and we can produce it, and it’s not going to be a science experiment. We can commit ourselves to it,’ says the company.

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