7 Signs of a Cheating Wife You May Not Know

Nobody thinks that the person they’re with is going to cheat on them, but sadly it happens more often than many people realize. Studies have shown that around 20% of men and 13% of women cheat on their spouses, making it a very real problem for many.

Yet every relationship is different, and that means that infidelity never looks exactly the same. However, there are some classic signs of cheating that might indicate that your partner is being unfaithful.

Keep reading to learn about seven signs of a cheating wife or husband that you can’t miss.

  1. Their Phone Becomes More Important Than You

As most people know, communication is an essential part of any relationship. The same holds true when it comes to a love affair. Without steady and consistent communication, it won’t work.

Many spouses that cheat hold complete control over the tools of communication that they have. They won’t allow you to see what’s on their phone, will often have it password-protected, and might even take it with them each time they step out of the room.

You might also find them texting at random hours of the day, regardless of whether you’re next to them or not. If they aren’t transparent about who they’re talking to, take it as a red flag.

  1. Your Spouse Is Evasive 

Instead of outright lying, most cheaters rely on a different strategy: avoiding your questions, comments, and concerns altogether.

Cheaters understand that it’s easy to get caught in a lie. On the other hand, it’s much harder to have some accuse you of something when you just dance around the issue and avoid the problem.

You might also find that they don’t directly answer your questions. They might emphasize that they love you while failing to provide you with a straightforward question.

  1. You Find Them Staring at Others 

It’s normal to find other people attractive, even when you’re in a relationship. However, there’s a delicate line, and when people start to cross it, it can be a sign of infidelity.

If you find your partner’s eyes not just looking but resting on other people for extended periods of time, you should have your guard up. In these sorts of instances, they may not have cheated yet, but might not be opposed to the idea.

You’ll also want to pay attention to how they react when you approach them and they’re talking to someone else. If they pretend not to notice you and seem to want to impress the other person, be on the lookout for other signs of infidelity.

  1. Conversations About Infidelity Lead to Arguments

When you do bring up the notion of your partner cheating, how do they react? If they instantly become defensive and spin things around on you, this might be the confirmation that you need.

If a cheating spouse finds themself in the crosshairs of your accusations, they’ll do whatever they can to escape. Oftentimes, this means gaslighting and spinning things around on you.

Instead of listening to your concerns or answering your questions, a cheater might ask you how you could ask them such a thing. They’ll make you feel bad for having the thoughts and feelings that you do, leading you to be even more hurt and confused than before.

  1. Your Partner Is Secretive With Time 

Most experts agree that relationships are about balancing independence and periods of intimacy. You should both pursue your own interests, experiences, and skills, but should ultimately find your way back to one another to relish in them.

Cheaters do the same thing but in a different way. Although they will certainly respect your time, you might have a difficult time getting them to answer where they were or what they were doing.

A faithful partner makes an effort to communicate and explain things to you. A partner that’s cheating does not.

  1. Your Relationship Is Like a Rollercoaster 

Healthy relationships should provide you with a solid and supportive base that doesn’t let you down. Unhealthy relationships, and especially relationships where one person is cheating, provide you with the opposite.

Cheating comes with a cycle of pleasure and guilt. You’ll find this in the form of peaks in your relationship— times when you feel like everything is perfect and how it should be. Yet you’ll also experience serious lows where your partner is evasive, dismissive, and absent.

A rocky relationship full of ups and downs isn’t always one of the signs of cheating—in some cases, it’s just a sign of an unhealthy relationship. However, this sort of situation does often complement infidelity.

  1. You Have Your Suspicions 

At the end of the day, regardless of how much you think that you love your partner, you should always trust your intuition.

If you have a hunch that something is off, don’t dismiss those feelings by telling yourself that you’re crazy. Instead, try to have a conversation with your partner, then move from there.

If you can’t get a straight answer out of them, try working with this private investigations firm. And remember, their infidelity might not have anything to do with you.

Watch Out for These Signs of a Cheating Wife or Husband

When you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you, you want to make sure that you have the facts before you lob any accusations their way. Trust your gut, and remember to keep your eyes peeled for any of these signs of a cheating wife or husband.

Do you now have a better understanding of some of the signs of a cheating husband or wife? If you do, make sure to browse through some of our other blog posts for more helpful guides and tips.

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