Holidays are coming time to set up the tree and solve a riddle.

up the tree

Online brain teasers, riddles, and puzzles are hotter than ever, and 123 Puzzle Me is one of the leading creators of logic and math puzzles for the complete family. Leander is the creator of hundreds of custom-made puzzles that are used by influencers, companies, and schools all over the world.

You might have seen some of his work, mostly 4 rows with some pictures in it, and at the end of the last row a question mark. All you have to do is find the value of the question mark and that is it. Also, for this coming holiday season, they made several new puzzles to solve and share with friends and family; the first puzzle that was launched was the “Setting Up The Tree” riddle.

A good virtual brain teaser keeps you focused for 10-15 minutes on the puzzle and might give you some frustration, but at the end you will solve it and think, “How didn’t I see that before?” Some will never see it, and this can cause some hilarity among friends and colleagues, until the moment the last of the group sees the solution. And after you solved it, it’s up to you to share it amongst your friends and let them sweat a little.

Although one answer is the correct and most logical answer in those math riddles, there is always room for some discussion. And sometimes those discussions will become heated debates over what is right and what is wrong. At 123 Puzzle Me, they like to say, “Relax, it’s just a puzzle.”

But for those who want to be sure, Leander took some help from Jarvis, and he explained the puzzle for you on YouTube. Jarvis is the AI voiceover who likes to complain about the fact that he is heavenly underpaid and explains without emotion all the problems you might face in the puzzles.

Jarvis explains the “Setting Up The Tree” riddle!

The “Setting Up The Tree” puzzle was not the most difficult one; there are puzzles that can take days before they are cracked. Some are purely visual, and others need really advanced mathematical skills. But each puzzle that 123 Puzzle Me makes should be a healthy stress reliever and keep stimulating the brain in this dark, COVID-19 winter.

When it comes to online trends in brain teasers, Leander expects more and more schools to take this kind of puzzles in their classes. Because it’s so easy to motivate children and students for mathematics and logical thinking when you make custom puzzles for them. When you get the positive feedback from math teachers all over the world that these kinds of puzzles motivate even children that don’t like math at all, you just know you made something good.

Another thing is that most of these puzzles don’t need to be translated, so if a school in Qatar can play it, the same puzzle can be done by a school in Utah or Indonesia. Solving puzzles by kids in a competition or as a group stimulates them in such a way you can’t imagine.

Of course, you should not give a 6-year-old the same puzzle as a 16-year-old, but that is the beauty about these puzzles. They can be made as difficult or as easy as needed. They are all custom-made, and once they are published, they might go viral to all parts of the world.

And that last part makes it also so useful to use math riddles in an advertising campaign to connect with your clients, buyers, or followers. Math puzzles made by 123 Puzzle Me broke records all over the world with interactions between influencers and followers and companies that want to promote their products in a different way. One influencer got almost 20.000 comments in the first hours after she published a puzzle. Also, companies see the same because people don’t see it as an advertisement anymore, but as a form of brain entertainment.

And yes, even though it’s a way to reach out to your audience or to sell a product, a brain teaser in the shape of a math puzzle or riddle will be seen as fun and entertaining and not as an irritating advertisement.







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