Atomme shares Marketing Ideas for your beauty center

Atomme shares Marketing Ideas for your beauty center

The sale of products is one of the most important sources of income for a beauty center like yours. Apart from selling treatments, vouchers and packs, which complete the experience of your client in your center and guarantee their recurrence, you must bet on a product line that improves and enhances the effects of the treatments received and offers the client the possibility to continue taking care of yourself at home with professional check these beauty deals .

  1. Prepare baskets with a kit of products for each type of service or client:

One way to stimulate your sale is to create 4 or 5 baskets with the perfect products, customized for each service or type of customer, and design promotions to increase their appeal. For example:

– Capillary hydration kit: shampoo, cream and intensive keratin treatment capsules.

– Facial beauty kit: firming day cream, hydrating mask and hyaluronic acid serum.

– Body care kit: moisturizing lotion with Shea, body scrub and nourishing hand cream.

– Maintenance kit for gel manicures.

  1. Work with management software that relates services to products and reminds your assistants to offer a product to a client:

For example, with atomee , Products your professionals will have it easier than ever to cross-sell to your clients, with products related to the one just made. With the ticket open, they will be able to see in the system which products they can recommend to your customers. An example of this can be the following: imagine that your client has just had your beauty ritual ‘Fresh Skin in spring’, consisting of a ‘deep facial cleansing + glycolic acid peeling + moisturizing mask’. To complete and improve the effects obtained with this pack of facial beauty treatments, you can suggest to the client the purchase of a moisturizing cream, a sunscreen and a cleansing tonic.

  1. Arrange the shelves at eye level:

The way in which you display and display your products is also extremely important when selling products. This is a traditional marketing trick, but it works like a charm! If we put the products we are most interested in selling at eye level, customers will see them the first time, without having to search. When they pass by, are being cared for or while you are charging them, they will have products of their interest totally in view. That is why it is always interesting to distribute shelves , shelves and pedestals with products in different points of your beauty center (in the booth, in the stalls, in the nail bar, in your shop window and at reception), always positioned so that customers can see them perfectly from their point of view at the time.

  1. Don’t confuse customers!

Create various exhibition stands with products from the same line and preferably from the same family, accompanied by a small sign that specifies your name, what it is for, what its benefits are and its price. So your customers will know at all times what they are buying and what other products could complement the one they like.

  1. The shelves neat and tidy!  

Maintaining absolute cleanliness and order on the shelves where you display your products is essential. You can start from some wooden shelves or shelves, placed on the walls of your center, and even have glass cabinets for the corners of your reception, but if you want to present a new product line, give it importance and make it stand out from the rest, we recommend that you contact your suppliers and request the official exhibitor. You can place it on one of your most visible shelves or put it with a couple of sample products at the reception desk itself. Your customers will love it!

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