How to choose your mouse pad?

How to choose your mouse pad?

The brand :

Generally, mouse manufacturers offer quality mats to accompany your mule. You can therefore choose with your eyes closed the carpets offered by Logitech, Razer, Corsair. On the other hand, pay attention to the quality-price ratio; by virtue of their reputation, some manufacturers tend to inflate prices slightly. What could be better than matching your mouse pad to your favorite mouse?

As for third-party manufacturers, no general response, see the previous paragraphs. And if doubt persists, do not hesitate to post your questions or questions in the comments.

Finishes :

Without a doubt, what makes the difference between a rug that you will use one year or a rug that will follow you for your next five years is the finishes.

Indeed, if from the first hours of play, your carpet shows signs of wear or friction, you know that within a few months you will be able to put it in the trash. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your oppai mousepad.

Prefer, without a doubt, a stitched edge to a glued edge. And if you prefer to be comfortably installed, you will definitely choose a model that includes a wrist rest.


Mousepads come in a variety of thicknesses, which can affect the gaming experience.

Thin base (2-3mm) – ideal for those who prefer the feel of a hard surface. Similar to using a plastic / hard surface mouse pad, but with more comfort. This will be recommended for games requiring rapid mouse movements to the detriment of precision.

Heavy base (5-6mm) – ideal for those who prefer a comfortable feel. The surface is much softer and more comfortable. Plus, the added thickness is great for LAN parties/tournaments as you don’t know what kind of surface you’re going to be playing on. The added thickness helps remove irregularities from the desk, giving you the flattest surface possible. This type of mouse is recommended for all players looking for very precise mouse movement, losing a few crumbs in speed.

The format :

Typically, when you think of an oppai mousepad, you think of a small square reserved for your mouse. However, mouse pads in XXL format are becoming more and more popular, as they allow a larger area of ​​interaction with your mouse. They also allow you to have your keyboard on it, which has the main advantage of improving your typing.

It is for this reason that XXL mouse pads have become so popular: they are basic for all PC gamers and do not have a disproportionate price compared to a more classic square.

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