Bond Arms BARW 45/410 Rowdy Review


The BARW Rowdy is one of the newest small derringer firearms from Bond Arms. You will find this pistol at gun shops across the country. It is billed as the smallest, most powerful pistol you can carry, and I totally agree. Bond Arms has a few super small weapons in its collection, and this is one of them.

This double-barrel pistol is made of stainless steel and has a rubberized handle. The rubber grip is slightly soft and feels very comfortable to hold. The 3-inch barrel has a nice brushed finish. The Rowdy can be used with .45 colt and .410 caliber rounds.

One cool thing about this firearm is that you can change the barrel. There are several other barrels that you can use. The gun comes with an Allen wrench for changing it. The total weight of this Bond Arms gun is 20 ounces (when it is not loaded). This is a pretty small size. It has a fixed rear sight and a blade front sight.

The Rowdy comes with the usual hammer that you will find on other guns. What’s unique is a locking lever that prevents you from accidentally cocking the hammer. When you lock the lever, the hammer is locked and doesn’t move. The hammer is designed to rebound when you take a shot; this cool feature helps you save time.

You can swivel the barrel open load your rounds easily. The Rowdy comes with a spent casing extractor. When you slide the extractor, it brings out used shells so you can easily grip and dispose them.

The Bond Arms Rowdy is an example of exquisite engineering. You can tell that the engineers behind the firearm paid attention to all the tiny details.

You can even remove the trigger guard on the Rowdy if you wish. Thanks to the hammer locking mechanism, there are no safety risks even if there is no trigger guard.

The Rowdy is a reliable firearm; it is highly unlikely to fail you. This is not really the best self defense weapon because you need to reload after each shot. With that said, there are some situations where it will be an ideal choice.

The firearm is quite small. If you have large hands, you will notice that it is very small in your grip. It isn’t necessarily bad, it just takes some getting used to.

Along with the Rowdy, Bond Arms also released the Roughneck. They look very similar. One of the main difference is that the latter has a 2.5-inch 9*19mm barrel.

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