The Definitive Guide: The 4 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes For Large Cats

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Litter boxes are tricky subjects for cats and their owners. Behavioral variance and comfortability play a large role in how well your cat takes to their designated bathroom space.

If something impedes their ability to comfortably or safely use their litter box the possibility of your cat acting out is inevitable. As a cat owner, this can be an extremely frustrating process, especially if you have invested in a self-cleaning litter box with the intent of making the process “easier”.

Both large breed and overweight cats may stop using their litter box entirely for various reasons. It could be too small for them, feel too enclosed, or just isn’t as easily accessible as they may need.

How To Find A Suitable Self Cleaning Litter Box For Large Cats

While a self-cleaning litter box is an incredible device that makes life easier for you and your fur baby, not all are suitable for bigger cats. They do vary quite a bit in terms of size, with some being significantly larger than others. In general, your kitty should be able to stand, squat, and turn around in their litter box no problem for a comfortable bathroom experience.

But size is not the only consideration. The design elements can greatly determine how accessible the box is for cats of all sizes. Additionally, some self-cleaning litter boxes have weight limitations which can impede the purpose of the unit altogether. If your cat exceeds the weight limit, the sensors could fail, preventing the self-cleaning cycle from functioning as normal.

The Top 4 Self Cleaning Litter Boxes For Your Big Kitty

To help you find the product that’s best suited to your cat’s size, we’ve reviewed the four leading self-cleaning litter boxes on the market. Read on to find out how they stack up when it comes to accommodating our larger feline friends!

ChillX AutoEgg

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The max load limit of the ChillX AutoEgg with litter and cat combined is a whopping 44 lb. (20 kg). That being said, to maximize comfort, they do recommend the box for cats up to 15.4 lb (7 kg) to make sure there’s enough space for mobility.

The AutoEgg has a compact design, which is brilliant for saving space, but this does mean it is slightly smaller than other self-cleaning litter boxes. It measures 30.3 inches (H) x 18.1 inches (W) x 17.7 inches (D).

However, as you know, it’s not all about size, and we feel the

AutoEgg is one of the most accessible options available mostly due to its design functionality.

The arched opening and lowered step give an inviting entryway for most cats to come and explore without intimidation. Being only 6 inches off the ground the AutoEgg is well designed to meet the needs of seniors, disabled, and overweight kitties to make entry as easy as possible.

When it comes to the sizing issues of the interior, one of the more accessible design features of the AutoEgg is the removable hood. ChillX has stated that the unit is entirely functional with the removal of the hood and tracking pad if your cat needs additional headspace while using the bathroom.


  • Has a max load limit of 44 lbs (20kg)
  • Inviting arched design
  • Very accessible for older, disabled, and overweight cats
  • Removable hood


  • Not as big as others on the market

Suitability rating for large cats: 9/10

PetSafe ScoopFree


pet safe


The PetSafe ScoopFree is slightly smaller than the AutoEgg, measuring 27.37 inches (H) x 19 inches (W) x 7 inches (D). While this size is sufficient for most normal-sized cats, there’s no doubt a few extra inches in each direction could make for a more comfortable bathroom space for our kitties.

Despite the slight size difference, what we love about the original version of this self-cleaning litter box is the open-lid design. This eliminates any chance of your cat feeling claustrophobic and allows your kitty to stand up and turn around with ease.

Like the AutoEgg, the entryway is low enough for all cats to step in and out easily.

If you tend to prefer the hooded design for reasons of odor and sightline control ScoopFree also offers a unit with a removable hood just like the AutoEgg!


  • The open-lid design makes it feel more spacious up top
  • Easy to get in and out for cats that need a lower entryway


  • Could be a little too small for our extra big cats in terms of width

Suitability rating for large cats: 8/10


cat gine


With the CatGenie 120, there is virtually no weight limit, so it is suitable for cats of all sizes (well, for the most part). It features an open-top style (a hood can be purchased if required), so bigger cats can feel free to move around as needed. The circular-designed CatGenie 120 has a 19.25-inch circumference which can seem a little small but seems to adequately provide enough space for rotating and squatting as needed.

Sometimes large cats will kick litter out of the box as they try to get comfy. You can buy 4-inch Genie sidewalls to prevent this and give your kitty some extra privacy without compromising any of the space needed for a bigger feline.

For a senior cat with limited mobility, this self-cleaning litter box could be a bit difficult to access as the entry is a little high off the ground.

However, if mobility is a non-issue, large cat breeds should find this box very comfortable to use.


  • No weight limit
  • Open-top style maximizes spaciousness
  • The 19.25-inch circular design gives plenty of room


  • High entryway could be an issue for senior or mobility-limited cats.

Suitability rating for large cats: 8/10




The Aimicat does not list a specific weight limit but does suggest a maximum single cat capacity of 17 pounds at one time.

What we like about the Aimicat is that it’s designed with larger cats in mind, featuring a large entryway and spacious litter bed in a rounded globe shape.

To be fair, the Aimicat is decently sized, taking up the same amount of space as a very small nightstand or step. It measures 24.6 inches (H) x 20.2 inches (W) x 19.5 inches (D).

One potential compromise to consider with Aimicat is that it does not function in any sort of customizable way like the rest of the competition.

The glob design is non-adjustable to give the headspace if needed so you’ll need to be sure this unit is the right fit size-wise for your kitty.


  • Large rounded design for big cats
  • Spacious entryway


  • Non-removable hood

Suitability rating for large cats: 7/10

Our Verdict

After reviewing the top 4 self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, we felt the ChillX AutoEgg was the best product for both large breeds and heavier cats in general. This easily accessible litter box intrigues the curiosity of kitties while giving them enough space and customization as they need.

As cat parents, it’s our responsibility to provide a suitable place for our fur babies to relieve themselves comfortably. If your kitty does not feel satisfied with their litter box, this could affect behavioral changes and even their long term health.

Making it just as important to consider their needs as you consider yours when shopping for the best self-cleaning litter box for you and your fur family.



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