4 Tips To Help You Prevent Your Health Insurance From Lapsing

Prevent Your Health Insurance


Buying a good health insurance policy is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. With proper coverage in place, you won’t need to worry about paying for heavy hospitalisation bills on your own when you fall ill. Yet, to truly get the most out of your insurance, it is important to renew your health insurance policy on time. Allowing your coverage to lapse will not only leave you without protection (albeit temporarily) but also see you lose out on the benefits of continued coverage – such as the no-claims bonus.

However, in the rush of daily life, it is quite natural to sometimes forget things. You might know your health insurance is due for renewal, but end up postponing the task each day until your coverage suddenly lapses.

So, what can you do to avoid falling into this situation?

To answer that, this article lists out 4 simple tips to follow to prevent your health insurance from lapsing.

  1. Opt in for automatic payments

If you are likely to forget your premium due dates, simply opt in for ECS with your bank so the amount gets deducted automatically. You may also choose to have automatic payments done from your credit card. Automatic payments towards your health insurance policy will ensure that you never miss an instalment and always keep your coverage active.

  1. Set reminders on your personal devices

If you prefer to manually make your payments, ensure you do not miss out on a due date by setting reminds on your personal devices. Use smartphone calendar apps to remind you of your premium dates in advance. Setting these reminders is especially handy if you pay your premium in instalments.

  1. Ask for email/SMS alerts

When buying your health insurance policy, do ask your insurance provider to sign you up for email or SMS alerts. These alerts will keep you updated of when a payment is due and also often help you stay informed of special offers too for other forms of general insurance coverage. Even if you forget to set your own reminders, your insurer will call or text you and let you know that your premium is almost due.

  1. Always update contact details

Now, if you sign up for email/SMS alerts from your insurer, you can be certain that their systems will get in touch with you like clockwork. However, you must also make sure to update your contact details with them, whenever these may change. For instance, if you have changed your mobile number recently, your alerts will still go to your old number and you would thus, miss out on them. Make sure to always keep your insurer informed of your latest mobile number, address, and email ID so that they can get in touch anytime.

Keep these tips in mind and you will never miss out on your health insurance policy renewal dates ever again. We hope that this article has proved helpful for you.

Good luck and take care!

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