4 of the Best Mother’s Day Mail Gifts Moms Will Love!


This year, eight out of ten people celebrated Mother’s Day in the United States. With the average amount of money spent on Mother’s Day gifts climbing higher every year, it’s important to get your mother or wife something she will enjoy.

You may be wondering if you can send Mother’s Day mail gifts if you cannot see your loved one in person this year. Here are some great ideas for a present that your mother will adore.

1. A Cozy Blanket

Nothing feels better than snuggling up with a soft blanket in bed or on the couch. A blanket is a great gift for your mother after a long day or when she wants to wind down for the night.

Many throw blankets that go on the couch are made of super soft material and trap heat remarkably well, making them an ideal option for colder months. You can also order a blanket that matches your mother’s decorating scheme.

If you want an option that has more benefits, like promoting better sleep and reducing anxiety, you can even invest in a weighted blanket. These blankets are often customizable for size, weight, and color.

2. A Thoughtful Gift Card

A gift card does not have to be a thoughtless present if you buy it for a store or website that your mother loves to shop at. Gift cards are great if you know where she likes to purchase things, and you can give her the flexibility to treat herself.

If you send your mother a gift card, then you should use certified mail to make sure it gets delivered. You can easily send certified mail from home to give a high-value gift an extra layer of protection.

3. A Subscription Box

One of the easiest and most personalized gifts you can buy for your mother is a subscription box or service. From books to coffee beans, there will most likely be a subscription service that can deliver something special to your mother every month.

Many subscription services have an option to gift a subscription for a set period of time. Sometimes when you choose a longer time frame, like a yearlong offer, then you can even get a discount.

4. A Fruit or Chocolate Bouquet

If your mother has a soft spot for sweet things, then you can send her a bouquet of edible fruit or chocolate. These arrangements are delivered fresh, so she can have a delicious surprise on Mother’s Day.

You can often pair these bouquets with extras for an additional charge, such as chocolate dipping sauce for fruit or other goodies for your mother to enjoy.

So Many Options for Mother’s Day Mail Gifts

Even if you and your mother cannot celebrate in person, there are still plenty of options for a great present that she will love. Mother’s Day mail gifts can be a great substitute for seeing her on Mother’s Day.

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