How to have 1000 followers on Instagram? (19 tips)

How to have 1000 followers on Instagram? (19 tips)

Do you want to have more followers on Instagram? We meet once again to chat on social networks. Instagram can, however, be powerful if you want to develop an activity with strong branding. Instagram is also extremely appearance-based so watch out for the famous vanity metrics.

You know those metrics that make you think you’re awesome (number of subscribers, likes, etc…). Vanity metrics are all about satisfying your ego. However, they will not help you fill your bank account so be careful.

To return to growth on Instagram, these little tips allowed me, among other things, to reach almost 10,000 subscribers today. So no more blah, let’s go for 19 tips and tricks to have more Free Instagram Followers.

1) Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account

The first thing for you will be to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. You must have seen that on your timeline. People post regularly and not natively on Facebook but via Instagram. You will therefore be able to link a Facebook account via the Instagram options. This trick will make the mention “Instagram” visible on Facebook. And their people say to themselves “hey he has an Instagram account? Come on, I subscribe! ”. It works!

2) Ask engaging questions

I don’t know if you know, but a few years ago Instagram was taken over by Facebook. Thus, Instagram’s algorithm is very close to that of Facebook. So if you know a little about Facebook’s algorithm, you know that the more engagement you have (comments, likes, clicks), the better your page will be referenced. Well, it’s the same on Instagram. The greater the engagement, the better your account will rank.

For example, you can ask engaging questions like “What do you think?”, “Do you have any advice for me?”, Etc… So be creative and engaging!

3) Show your face

Show his face. It’s very important on Instagram. Quite a few American studies have been done and one of them shows that a photo on Instagram showing a face has 38% more engagement in terms of Free Instagram likes and 32% more engagement in terms of comments.

4) Post clear photos

Another small percentage. Clear photos would have a lot more engagement. 24% according to an American. This clearly proves that people prefer light to darkness!

5) More followers on Instagram!

A little tip for singles to gain more visibility. Some dating apps offer to connect your Instagram account. This means that users will scroll through the profiles and will be able to find your account, your photos, and switch to Instagram and subscribe if they wish.

Don’t hesitate to kill two birds with one stone: increase your number of Instagram followers and find love!

6) Show your customers!

So a little marketing tip for those who want to use Instagram as a business lever and who want to promote their products, a study found that photos showing customers using the products had 30% more engagement. It’s good to see other people on an account.

7) Post on Sunday

To increase your number of subscribers on Instagram, you might as well put the odds in your favor and choose the best day to post. The most active day on Instagram would be Sunday. Thus, posting on Sunday would bring 6% more engagement than the least active day which is Friday.

8) Not too many hashtags

We’re going to start talking about hashtags. Another study found that putting 5 or fewer hashtags on your photo would increase engagement by 2%. Please note, beyond 5 tags, engagement decreases. In other words, putting 57 tags under your photo can be totally counterproductive. Imagine a photo with 18,000 tags underneath. Doesn’t that sound fake?

9) Mention your friends

Yet another number. A study claims that mentioning someone (not tagging) in a photo increases engagement by 56%. Quote your friends!

10) Add blue

Blue would be the most engaging color. It is a study that found that blue would increase the number of likes. Add sky, add sea, add smurfs!

11) Geolocate yourself

Geolocation would increase engagement by 79%. So yes it seems huge, but it is in any case the number that I found. What is certain is that geolocation increases proximity. And that’s all the more important in a big city.

12) Post regularly = more followers on Instagram

Regularity! I cannot say it enough. And that’s even more important than on Youtube and Facebook. On social networks, regularity is one of the most important criteria in terms of SEO. So be regular!

13) Collaborate on Instagram

Make collabs! It is a very silly exercise. Ask someone to post a photo, and caption or refer to you, and you agree to do the same on your end. Thus, collaboration is a huge growth lever and a simple technique to Get free Instagram followers.

14) Analyze the evolution of your Instagram account

It’s also interesting to follow the analytics. To see which photos work best. There are a number of apps that exist for this. The idea here will be to extract the best posts and to reproduce more or less the same kind of posts.

15) use the best hashtags for Instagram

We are talking about hashtags again. You will go to the TagsForLikes site to extract the tags that work the best, and you place them on your photos. Be careful not to put too much! Here is a cunning but simple way to get more followers on Instagram.

16) spam on Instagram

The basic big spammer technique! You will search for the tag “Like4like”. You will then scroll through a bunch of random profiles and like them. For that, you just have to double-tap on the photo. And you like, and you like, and you like… In principle, you will have a small percentage who will be curious about your like, who will come to your profile, and who will subscribe

17) be the spammer

Reverse technique! You can end up as “spammed”. And that can be strategic. So to find yourself in the spam camp, you add the hashtag “Like4like” under your images. You will therefore find yourself in the group of potential spammers, and people will come to like your photos. So it’s a bit robotics but hey… Who says more likes, says more engagement, says better SEO, says more subscribers. Easy!

18) ask an Instagram celebrity

You can ask famous (or slightly famous) people after sending them a pretty personalized message to post a photo to you. So it sounds daring but it can work. Put yourself in their shoes and give them a shocking or super funny photo! Honestly, if they like the photo it can work.

Finally, it is better to target average influencers (a few thousand subscribers).

19) take care of their profile image

finally, the last little tip seems obvious. It’s putting the best profile picture you can have. Casually, it’s like Facebook or Youtube, what people see first is your picture. So put the package on this photo! It must make you want to click and intrigue. So put the odds in your favor.

Thus, we come to the end of these 19 tips and tricks to get more subscribers on Instagram. I hope it will help you.

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