The 3 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Concealing Odors By Mel Brown

The 3 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Concealing Odors By Mel Brown 1

The 3 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Concealing Odors By Mel Brown

You are probably immune to the smell of cat poop wafting through your very own house but I can certainly promise you your guests are not. As a cat owner you already know, there aren’t enough candles and aerosols in the world that can rid your home of that dirty litter box smell. Not to mention the unpleasant task of putting up with the stench while having to clean out the litter box itself.

So now that we’ve established the obvious, nobodys a fan of litter boxes or their unwanted odors, let’s talk about the solution: automatic litter boxes! An automatic litter box is a self-cleaning litter box that continuously works to conceal odors and make the cleaning process as painless as possible. Automatic litter boxes have the potential to make your life not only easier but cleaner as well with optimized technology to filter out or trap waste all on their own. Here are three automatic litter boxes that will spare your nose the trauma of dealing with cleaning out a messy litter box.

  1. Litter Robot

The 3 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Concealing Odors By Mel Brown 2

Look, a kitty spaceship! This futuristic-looking litter box is definitely ahead of its time with an included carbon filter in the waste compartment, an efficient self-cleaning technology, and a monitor that tells you exactly when the waste drawer is full and needs a change.

The Litter Robot starts cleaning right after your cat has used it, sifting through the litter and leaving behind the fresh particles for the next time your cat needs to go.

Personally, when my cat sees a full litter box that’s their signal to poop anywhere BUT the litter box, and I can’t quite blame them for not wanting to step on poop to go poop. What you’re left with is a mess to clean and a stench that can stick around for quite a while.

As soon as the motion sensor notices your cat has left the unit, the self-cleaning cycle begins! Shifting in a rotation the unit quickly traps clumped litter into a concealed waste bin while keeping dust and debris from escaping with its semi-hooded design. Guests won’t notice a thing and you won’t think twice about what mess might be brewing because the Litter Robot has got your back!

This fast-acting litter box includes a set of waste drawer liners, 1 carbon filter, and is set at a price of $499 for new units.


  1. Chillx AutoEgg

The 3 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Concealing Odors By Mel Brown 3

Did somebody say..eggs? No, no one did, but the next automatic litter box that will have you and your guests at ease is the AutoEgg. This automatic litter box from ChillX contains a highly active sensory system to know exactly when a cleaning cycle may be required. The unit triggers a raking after every bathroom trip in addition to 4 scheduled cleanings per day. Making sure the act swiftly and keep those odors controlled and that litter looking spotless.

I know for me, I’ve certainly experienced the paranoia of having guests over and asking myself “Does my house smell like”. I know as cat owners we typically just grow immune to the scents of our feline friends and their litter since we’re around it so often. But that may not be the case for the average friend or family member who stops by. Let’s be honest, even if the smell of dirty litter is drifting down through your halls who would have the heart to tell you? With the AutoEgg you can have the peace of mind that when someone walks through your door ChillX has got this one covered (Quite literally, it’s hooded!).

The AutoEgg sift quietly yet efficiently to scoop clumped litter into a separate waste compartment to trap those odors for up to 5 or 7 days before needing a change. Using their biodegradable liners, changing out the litter drawer is as easy as lift, toss, and replace.

New AutoEggs sell for $399 and can vastly improve the quality and cleanliness of your cat’s bathroom experience.


  1. CatGenie

The 3 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Concealing Odors By Mel Brown 4

Wanna feel even closer to your cat? Why not try giving them a toilet just like us! CatGenie is like a miniature toilet bowl for your kitty with a self-flushing/self-washing technology (No, seriously!).

This litter box automatically scoops, liquefies, and flushes any waste, leaving the waterproof granules behind for reuse.

I’ll be honest, sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my cat’s messy litter box I quite literally wish he was smart enough to use the toilet. With the CatGenie, your kitty can use the toilet!

From just the touch of a button, the CatGenie will sanitize the litter box itself so you can leave the hard work and the hassle up to the machine. Just like when you go number two, the toilet flushes and washes everything away, so does this automatic litter box. The clumped litter is removed into a separate compartment to be washed and dissolved and then discarded. This means you’re getting off scot-free from having to clean!

The CatGenie does not include a hood but will ensure the most hygienic bathroom experience for your cat. It can be found at PetSmart for as low as $209.99.

Let’s be honest, all of these litter boxes make for great options to take odor right out of the equation when it comes to scooping your cat’s litter. Each one of these has a unique automatic cleaning tech to ensure an expectation for freshness in your home and clean bathroom trips for your kitty.

If you want a covered litter box, the Litter Robot and AutoEgg ensure a sleek and modern look while concealing odor under the hood and allowing your kitty some privacy. If you seek a self-sanitizing and self-flushing option, the CatGenie will do wonders for you.

It’s always a pain to have to bear the brunt of cleaning your cat’s litter, let an automatic litter box get you off the hook, and get your home smelling fresh as can be.


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