YouTube Vanced- A Complete Feature List

YouTube Vanced- A Complete Feature List 1

Thrilled with the amazing features of YouTube Vanced? You must have already experienced the in-built AdBlocker which prevents any ads from interrupting your streaming experience. But beyond that, there are much more features that are meant to help users in different situations and purpose

User-friendly Purpose Based Features

Free and Unlimited  Video Downloads.

Vanced YoutTube comes with an option for Free and Unlimited downloading option for all the users. Not just a plain download option but the users will have the options to select Formats.

After selecting the desired video that the user wants to download, The option to download will appear in the bottom right corner of the video screen. A simple tap on the feature will initiate the downloading process.

Users will have the option to select the format in which they want to download the content. Video and Audio formats are available in this option. Along with it, there are further options to choose the video or audio quality. YouTube Vanced Supports 144p to 4k downloads depends on the original video upload quality.

Background Music Player

One thing that we miss on normal YouTube is the option to play a video in the background as audio. To be precise, it does the job of a music player and considering the number of content on YouTube, It could’ve been an amazing option. To put it simply, YouTube Vanced has this option for absolutely free. You can play any video in the background as audio. Simply effective and extremely user friendly.

Pop-Up Player for Multitasking

Thinking about replying to a friend or checking something on Instagram? Usually, you need to exit the app on YouTube, But never a need to exit on YouTube Vanced. You can simply press the “Pop-Up” option below the video screen and the video you are watching will be converted to a small, movable screen on your phone display. You can move the screen through dragging and change the size by tapping on the option. You can also move forward or backward the video through double taps on the left or right side of the popped up screen. Now browse any app and continue enjoying your video streaming

Additional Experience Enhancing Features

  • Like or Dislike the videos
  • Easy activate for captions/Subtitles
  • 44P to 4K video resolution options according to the quality of the original video.
  • To fast forward or rewind the video-Double-tap on the video screen. (You can customize its duration from 5 seconds to 30 seconds in the app settings.)

Download  YouTube Vanced by clicking here. This direct access to the official website will give you access to download option. Tap on the sign on the website and download the APK file. After giving necessary permission and accepting the Instal launcher, YouTube Vanced will be Installed on your device. Enjoy the Vanced Experience.


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