The Unicorn way of life by Kidhanma

The Unicorn way of life by Kidhanma 1

In the world, everyone is living in a normal way and following the rules of society. They love their traditions and typical lifestyle. They are born with the same aim and spend their whole life to chase their aim. But, we know Kidhanma, a guy who is different from these people. He cannot do what others are doing. With the Pen name Kidhanma, the German author is famous for his motivation and unique ideology of life.

About the German Author

Armin Mokhtarinejad, is a German author. His parents came to Germany from Iran. His parents wanted him to be successful like a usual person in Germany who wants to study in college and get a job and get married. In his childhood, when he went into kindergarten, he realized that he was not the person who wanted to study and make a living like the usual person in Germany. He was a creator and would be forever.

Interests and hobbies

Being in Darmstadt Germany, he went to learn many of the talents, including martial arts and Photography. The 26 years guy increased some of the skills, including photography and especially learning martial art moves. Even today, he is very much passionate about martial arts.

About his IT expertise

But, his story didn’t end here, when he was booming in the right direction, he realized that his parents had made many efforts, including putting their money and life into his favor. Therefore, he should go to college and continue his studies. He completed his graduation and got a job in his relevant field, but still, he was not happy in his heart.

He was never the person who wanted to become a programmer or other, but he was always the creator who wanted to create new things.

He made videos on YouTube.

So he left his job and went on to empower his talent and interests like making videos on YouTube and creating music. He was very much fond of martial arts. So, he learned new moves and was very happy but later in his life; he learned the art of writing. Because he was always the creator, he realized that the reason he started writing was not that he was excellent in writing but because he was still the creator.

Unicorn of society

Darmstadt Is the city where he is living right now, and every other immigrant who has an immigrant parent thinks that they want to get a good living by earning a good salary and getting married.

He was contrary to that, and he wanted to become the Unicorn in the society who is not living to follow the rules of society. Therefore, the first book he has written was “How to be a unicorn in modern-day society”.

The prime focus of the book is to motivate people towards a new way of life. Living life does not mean to run after typical goals of life. Life is the name to create new things. His ideology has made him popular in the world.

You can access him  on Due to the huge fan following he has got an Instagram account with. He has reached more than 10000 followers and increasing. He is now starting the podcast on his YouTube channel where he will invite the guests, which is the Unicorn in their life and achieve the goal as they want.


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