Whiplash Injury Overview: Causes, Symptoms & Early Diagnosis

Whiplash Injury


Whiplash is typically caused due to an injury when your head is forcefully backward and then forward. This motion can injure your spine bones, disks, and other bones, ligaments, and tissues of the neck. A whiplash injury may occur while driving and involved in serious road accidents, physical damage caused by physical abuse, sport such as rugby, etc.

The impact of the accident can cause the tissues of the neck to stretch, and you may face difficulty in regular movements. It may cause damages to muscle, tissues, cervical muscle, and ligaments. Check medical products online for a list of medical products.


Common Causes of Whiplash

The whiplash injury does not occur naturally like other medical conditions it can be caused due to a jerk in the next or involvement in an assault or severe road accident that can cause trouble to your neck muscle and bones.

  1. Road Accident’s

Injuries caused in a road accident that forcefully push your head backward and forward due to enormous force involved in an injury can be the cause of a whiplash injury since that can affect your bones and muscle tissue, ligament of the neck.

  1. Contact Sports 

Injuries caused due to involvement in the sport like rugby, horse riding, boxing, polo, etc. tend to cause many severe injuries to your neck and ligaments in it.

  1. Physical Assault

Involvement in any type of physical assault and if punched, shaken, or beaten badly can cause immense damage to muscles and tissues of your neck.

Preventive measures should be taken to take care of your neck during whiplash injury check related medical products as per your doctor’s suggestion on Vesalius Health.

What are Whiplash Symptoms?

Typically a sign of whiplash develops with a day or two of an injury, and it results in a lot of pain and swelling on your face and near neck area which, may result in less friction or less movement.

  •       Immense neck pain and stiffness
  •       Pain gets worst while moving the neck sidewards and upwards
  •       Fatigue and dizziness
  •       Headaches and a lot of pain in the skull area
  •       Blurred vision
  •       Irritability and sleep disturbance
  •       Concussion

Such conditions are callous to handle since your movement is limited and does not allow your neck to move a lot sideways or even slight movement causes a lot of pain. If there is an injury and you are experiencing symptoms of whiplash, visit a doctor immediately for an effective treatment. Check medical products online for a wide range of related medical supplies that are effective as per your doctor’s advice & recommendation.Some fitness experts also recommend strengthening your neck to avoid being easily injured. Having a piece of equipment for neck exercises is a great way to maintain strength in your neck area as this helps you prevent future neck or back pain as well.

How to diagnose Whiplash Injury? 

It is essential to contact your doctor immediately after an injury. Do not wait for symptoms to appear since a minor concussion in your neck and head can cause many issues to your health overall in the long term.

 Diagnostic Imaging

As soon as you see a doctor, he/she may advise you of getting x-rays to identify the damage caused to your neck since it can help provide adequate measures to treat whiplash injury.

Whiplash Associated Disorder

Whiplash associate disorder Or WAD any evidence of or structural changes cause to your neck may be due to connective tissue, since the recovery of every patient depends on the treatment or intensified nature of an injury. As per the study conducted, 30% to 50% of individuals who suffer from an asymptomatic whiplash injury are more likely to report the damage as chronic in nature. Vesalius Health offers related medical products that are essential for every home.

Important Tips

  •       Your recovery depends on the resting period.
  •       Try not to move your neck or move it according to your doctors advice
  •       Avoid going out for some time since it may cause more pain.
  •       Recovery may take time, and it all depends on the severity.

Whiplash Injury Compensation

Looking for compensation for the whiplash injury caused due to car accidents, hurt in a sport, or any other physical activity, it is vital to get in touch with a specialist for claiming an amount from your healthcare provider depending on the severity of the whiplash injury. Call your respective health care provider to seek compensation.

Final comment

Some effective medical products online are available to ensure your loved ones are protected from any uncertainty in life since medical supplies are for every home.

  •       Stay alert and be cautious while driving on the road.
  •       Follow the rules and stay safe always.


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