Vaporizers and Smoke: Best Vape Mods for 2020

Best Vape Mods for 2020

If you want all of the smoke, but not quite literally, you can still enjoy your substance of choice with an amazing vaporizer. By investing in a gadget that’ll help you out, you can toke in peace and protect your lungs from smoke at the same time.

It’s about more than just buying the right vape — you also need to get to know the modifications that come with the territory.

The vape industry is worth more than $12 billion, so you have several options.

Below we’ll get you started so that you can browse the best vape mod options available in 2020 and beyond.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF

The first thing you’ll notice about this vape mod is its striking color. It features several colorway options, including an enchanting combination of blue and pink or a red and black option. Even the matte black exterior option features patterning that just makes this modification a sight to behold.

It’s also fabricated with some of the best ABS nylon material you will find. It is crafted with an easy to grip case and an ergonomic design. This modification is completely waterproof and it also has data and control settings that you can modify with a mobile app. It’s easy to charge and holds a battery life of several hours.

SX Mini G

This box mod is lightweight and a stunning sight to behold. It’s designed with the type of attention to detail you would see from an automobile dash or private jet interior.

Appearance aside, this vape mod packs a punch with its sophisticated power and engineering. It features a high-tech screen, along with OLED technology you can take advantage of with each use. You can also download an app and sync this vape mod to your phone so that you have even more control over it.

There are also nice little bells and whistles you can play around with, such as adjusting the brightness of the screen and uploading your own wallpaper.

Vaporesso Degree

This is one of the more affordably priced vape mods on the market, but at no point does it sacrifice in quality. You’re getting style and durability with the Vaporesso Degree, along with craftsmanship that allows for a fluid stream of vapor each session.

It features dry-hit protection, six different color scheme options, and comes equipped with plenty of accessories fresh out of the box.

Innokin Z-Biip

This pod style vape mod is one that you’ll be able to hold onto for years to come. It features replaceable coils and quality engineering that is unmatched.

This vape mod features a 1500 mAh battery, more than a half-dozen color options, and three different wattage levels to play around with.

Any of the above are great options for you if you’re in the market for a new high-tech vaporizer for your personal stash.

Stock Up on the Best Vape Mod Options

These are some of the most trusted brands on the market. When you are shopping around, it’s best to have a few options in your back pocket.

By starting your shopping journey with the options above you’re just a few steps away from finding the best vape mod option for your lifestyle.

Consider these tips and check back for more vape-related news and information.

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