How to Convert your Files to PDFs in Four Simple Steps


Technology has vastly changed the world and influenced a lot of things. With it rising immensely, the creation of several online tools became widespread. Every day, you will find several new applications that enable you to complete assignments and finish projects. These helpful tools also became an essential part of your day to day routine.

There are several PDF editors online; however, one of the best tools to use is PDFBear. It is the ideal PDF editor that you can find. Moreover, this tool is one hundred legit and is safe to use. With PDFBear, you can easily access it wherever you may be. Whether for school or work, this tool is ideal for you.


This web-based tool has several features that you will surely enjoy using. Some of which are:

  • Split
  • Merge
  • Repair
  • Convert

One of its best features is the converter, like one of its features as a Word to PDF converter free. With PDFBear, you can convert your Doc, Exel, HTML, PPT, and even JPG files into PDFs and vice versa. Furthermore, it will cost you nothing to use this tool. All that you would ever need is any device, may it be a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, and a stable internet connection, and you can then easily access this helpful web-based tool.

Converting your Various Files to PDF

You might find yourself wherein you badly need to make your file into a PDF format. Whether it is a Doc, Excel, HTML, PPT, JPG, etc., PDFBear is the perfect find for you. Using this helpful web-based tool, you can guarantee that your files will maintain the data in them and have an excellent copy of your PDF format.

The conversion process is achievable in a few simple steps:

  1. Upload your chosen file (to convert to PDF). Be sure to have the correct file before clicking the convert button.
  2. PDFBear will then scan the uploaded file.
  3. Next, wait for a little while for the process to finish.
  4. Once the conversion process is over, your new converted PDF file is ready for download.

Hence, it will take two minutes for the conversion. Furthermore, you can also make your PDFs into other files such as JPG, Word Doc, etc. Additionally, you are sure that your files are safe and the contents intact.

Privacy Measures

This web-based tool can assure you that your files will automatically vanish after an hour from the server. Since the web is not safe for file uploads, it is customary to hesitate to use online applications. However, PDFBear is sure to erase any trace of your essential files after an hour. Hence, you can breathe and freely use this application whenever necessary.

Direct Conversion to PDF Format

You can convert your files directly using PDFBear. The contents of your files will remain as-is during and after the conversion. No alterations or damages will come to them.

In addition, PDFBear can convert several types of files and works perfectly on various systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac, etc., making it versatile. Hence, PDFBear is your new best friend when it comes to online editing your diverse files.

PDFBear Other Features

PDF editors are the most available web-based tools that people usually look for. You can be a student, an employee, or a business owner; knowing a PDF editor that you can access anytime and anywhere would be handy. As already mentioned, PDFBear has other handy features. Here’s a list and a few descriptions:

  • Split – PDFBear allows you to extract specific pages from your documents. You can either remove, add, or extract unnecessary pages from your files.
  • Merge – not only will you be able to split your PDF file, but you can also combine them. With PDFBear, you can efficiently merge several PDF files into one PDF file. Furthermore, you can also arrange them in the right order.
  • Repair – you might be having a dilemma with your PDF file, which became corrupted. The good news is that PDFBear can help you solve this problem. However, some corrupted files may be beyond recovery, but this tool is sure not to make it any worse.

Thus, PDFBear is the best PDF editor that you can find online. Its several features are perfect for whatever task you may find it convenient for.

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