Music to Your Ears: The Amateur’s Guide to Creating an Unforgettable Playlist


Are you one of the 96 million premium members of Spotify? How about one of the 56 million paid subscribers of Apple Music? Regardless of which app you use, one of the best parts about them is that they allow you to find playlists right for every mood, activity, and event.

But what about if you want to create a playlist of your own? How can you know which songs to add and create a cohesive feeling?

Keep reading to learn about how to go about creating a playlist that no one will be able to turn off.

Have a Purpose

When you decide that you want to create a playlist, the first thing that you have to do is decide on its purpose. Although no one is stopping you from mixing your all-time favorite hits, a playlist with Usher and Billie Holiday songs back to back might turn some people off.

Will the playlist be a mix of different instrumental hits perfect for studying? Or will it be a party playlist that an event planner can use to raise the audio roof? Try to have a theme in mind to keep things cohesive.

Find a Place to Start

As with most things in life, it’s difficult to build a playlist from the ground up. Finding a place to start can help you get things going.

For some people, that means building off of a playlist that someone else made. You can then add or remove songs that don’t match the goal you have in mind. In other cases, a single song may be the auditory inspiration you need to get the ball rolling.

Consider the Song Order

When making a playlist, you also have to consider the order that you add songs. Do you expect people to follow the song order you create, or will shuffling the music around provide the same experience?

If you’re trying to tell a story with the songs, you might want to highlight the importance of following the playlist order. However, be aware of the fact that most people tend to shuffle playlists if they’re too long.

Make It a Team Effort

Do you have friends who are playlist virtuosos like you? If you do, and if your musical tastes mesh, consider collaborating with one another.

Remember that making playlists should be fun. If your friend adds a questionable song to the mix, hear their rationale for why they feel it needs to be on the list. Their explanation may open your eyes to an artistic view you hadn’t considered.

Ready to Rock Out? Follow These Tips When Creating a Playlist 

There’s more to creating a playlist than pairing your favorite songs together and hoping it sounds nice. By following this guide and the different tips mentioned, you can be certain that the playlists you create will perfectly encapsulate the mood you want to create.

Do you now have a better idea of how to create a playlist that other people won’t be able to stop listening to? Before you go and get started creating it, take a moment to check out some of our other blog posts for more guides and tips.


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