Here Are Some Myths About ReLEx SMILE That You Should Be Aware Of!

In this article, we’re going to look at 10 myths that people say over and over again about ReLEx SMILE. We call them “myths” because they are not true! And if they’re stopping you from getting that vision quality that you’ve been dreaming about, then let’s debunk them one by one. Of course you will still have to do more research, studying and consultations before making any decisions about the surgery, but this article is a good start for you.

Myth: The results of SMILE surgery will not be permanent, I will still need glasses in the future

Let’s look at this deeper. People say this statement a lot because they don’t understand fully why some people wear glasses even after completing a successful ReLEx SMILE surgery (or even any laser vision correction). This is not because the eyes are going back to the condition prior to surgery because the result of the surgery is permanent. It is not reversible. The reshaping of the eyes cannot be undone. However, your eyes do go through a natural ageing process that might cause a decrease from the result of the surgery. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop your eyes from ageing. It’s a natural process. No surgery can stop this.

You can build healthy habits to help maintain the health of your eyes. But, eventually it will go through this natural process. Fortunately, this won’t happen until you are at the end of your 40s or already in your 50s. And of course the refractive surgery will help you have a more optimal vision prior to the ageing process. So, you might need to wear glasses in the future if you have trouble seeing due to ageing or other eye problems, but this will be unrelated to the results of your eye refractive surgery.

Myth: You could end up blind after a SMILE surgery

It is very unlikely to happen, as long as the surgery is done properly. There are risks and complications, but that is the case with every surgery on anything. With the success track record backing up SMILE surgery, this means that ReLEx SMILE is a relatively safe surgery.

Even with patients who say they see glares and experience blurry vision at the beginning of their recovery journey, the side effects gradually go away as time goes by. [1] While it might be a different recovery journey for every patient, but records have proven again and again that ReLEx SMILE technology is a safe and good eye refractive surgery.

Myth: All ReLEx SMILE outcomes are the same, so it doesn’t matter which doctor performs the surgery.

Just like every other surgeries, the surgeons you choose matter. It matters to know the level of experience that your surgeon has related to eye refractive surgeries. Having said that, keep in mind that as long as you have a reputable surgeon with good track record doing your surgery, the procedure and technology itself are relatively safe.

There are somethings you can do to make sure that the surgeon you are going with is trustworthy. You should find a reputable eye clinic, find reputable surgeons, and find reviews available to make sure that patients are satisfied with the treatment. When you meet with the surgeon, talk out all your concerns and make sure that you are well informed of all the risks and possible complications.

Myth: I can’t wear cosmetic contact lenses and eye makeup after ReLEx SMILE

Of course you can, but not immediately. You will need to wait for at least a few weeks before you start wearing them. Here’s an important note: don’t do it unless you have approval from your surgeon. Don’t just go ahead and start wearing your favorite cosmetic lenses. Go for consultation first to check on your post surgery progress, and then confirm with your surgeon.

Most probably you can wear your eye makeup first before you can wear cosmetic contact lenses. But you will have to wait for a few weeks before you can do that. Don’t compromise on your recovery process. Prioritize a successful and smooth recovery. You’ve taken such a big step in doing the ReLEx SMILE surgery, why jeopradize the results?

Now that you have read about some of the myths of ReLEx SMILE, next, you could read more about the most Frequently Asked Questions about ReLEx SMILE surgery!

[1] Hjortdal, Jesper and Steven Wilson, 2019. Point-Counterpoint: SMILE vs. LASIK, from


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