How to find stolen images on the internet?


Every technology and online service brings up drawbacks with it along with advantages. The same is the case with web development and content creation. Where you have the opportunity to create productive blogs and content, there is also a great threat to your images.

Image search can help you to retrieve your stolen pictures. The hackers are everywhere on the web and they do not let you live in peace. You need to protect your photographs by finding them with the help of an image search engine.

Nowadays, you can know when and where your pictures are used without your permission. There are certain rules and regulations to use other pictures. To follow the links, tracking images for permission has got easier with this utility.

Finding stolen pictures with image search

If you want to use the automated utilities, first you need to know about the steps in detail. The process of using this tool is very simple and easy so that everyone can access it.

Every web developer, photographer, content creator, or person with tech skills can use this tool with some straightforward steps. Here is the whole process of using reverse image search with a proper guideline.

  1. In the very first place, you need to open the website of reverse picture search by visiting
  2. After landing on this site there is a search bar in front of you on your screen.
  3. There are three options for image search. You can search from a keyword, URL of an image, or upload pictures.
  4. To find out the stolen pictures, you are supposed to choose the option of uploading a picture.
  5. After pressing on that option now you have to upload a picture about which you want to know.
  6. Once the picture is uploaded, will see three search engine icons popping on your screen from where this tool has collected all the data related to your image.
  7. Those three search engines are Google, Bing, and Yandex.

These are some simple steps that can take you to the unauthorized use of your pictures. You can report him for using your pictures without your permission. Image search tools enable you to have checks and balances on your professional photographs.

Online Reverse Image Search Tool

Now you can visit these search engines to retrieve your stolen images. You can check all of the websites where your pictures have been stolen without copyrights using image search. In this way, you can reach to the hacker who is illegally using your pictures.

There are different ways to protect your images. First of all, you are going to attach copyright rules and regulations along with your images. Another way is of putting watermarks on your photographs.

Search for Stolen images using smartphones

What if you get to know that your smartphone is eligible to find out stolen images? Yes, it is one of the great benefits of this tool that it supports iPhone and android mobile phone. The hackers are just a click away if you use this tool on your mobile phone.

You can search using images and get to know about all the sites with a couple of taps on your smartphones. All of the web pages will be in front of you where your pictures are copied in just no minute.

Image search provides free services on your mobile. You can also download an app and use it on your mobile for free. You do not need to have any credit to use this facility on smartphones. You can use this tool conveniently on any device.

Prevent Image Theft using Picture Lookup

These days, it has become a usual practice on the internet that people steal other’s content. Whether it is a written blog or graphical elements, content thieves do not let go of anything without copying it.

Everyone wants to adopt shortcuts for their content. Therefore they visit other websites and steal images for their website. To avoid such a miserable situation of picture theft, you need to prevent and protect your photographs from hackers using image search.

When you will set certain measures then no one can dare to copy your visual content in any way. Some rules and regulations are very important to concern while uploading images.

Final thoughts

It is concluded that the image search has made life easier. You can get to know about unethical hackers and can report them. You need to follow some simple and easy steps to retrieve your stolen pictures. This tool is providing efficient services.

There are no hard tricks and techniques in using photo search. Everyone can access it and get to know about hackers. It is important to keep a check on your images and do not let anyone take credit in any way.

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