Expanding Your Business Internationally: Everything You Need To Know


Going global isn’t as simple as shipping overseas. If you’re serious about expanding international opportunities, there are several moves you need to make.

Expanding your business internationally isn’t just a financial endeavour, it’s a cultural one, as well. The right marketing strategies are crucial for attracting customers worldwide. You also need the right infrastructure to support your expansion.

Are you ready to introduce yourself to the rest of the world?

Avoid costly missteps with these valuable international expansion tips.

Setting Up Your International Office

One of the biggest missteps is assuming that other countries operate like your country of origin. This is a recipe for misunderstandings, customer service blunders, and possible business fines. Ensure you’re up to speed on the latest business laws, regulations, and customs of your international locations.

You don’t need a physical office location to do business internationally. Set up virtual conferencing to communicate with international clients. Collaborate internationally with project management apps in the cloud.

Make sure your website accommodates international visitors, too. Provide visitors with multiple website options depending on country; for example, you could have a dutch website for clients from the Netherlands or a French website for French clients.

If you have multiple international locations, include a map on your website with each location pinned. Make sure contact information is visible for each global location.

Create International-Friendly Marketing Material

Creating multilingual versions of your main website is one way to market your company to an international audience. Your website is also one of your most important marketing assets. It’s the information and sales hub for your business.

Another mistake business owners make is relying on Google translate. An algorithm can only do so much and will often leave your marketing lost in translation.

A simple translation mistake can kill your business overseas before it starts. If you’re serious about expanding your business internationally, you’ll need to hire a translation company that leverages both technology and human expertise to produce marketing translations with little to no error.

Read about TranslateMedia and their approach to translation to learn more about the importance of cultural adaption in international marketing material.

International Market Research

Research is critical for international marketing campaigns. You must thoroughly research consumer behaviors, customs, average demographics, living, and more consumer data factors. Therefore, you may need to sell certain items in one international location and other products is a second location.

Adapt your product selection for each location. As an example, Starbucks offers mooncakes for their asian markets. McDonalds also has different menu items for different international markets.

Don’t forget to adjust your print and video marketing to a new audience.

Marketing photographs, videos, print advertising, commercials, and digital campaigns should reflect the culture and demographics of international consumers. Work with talent agencies within the area to find appropriate local talent for commercials and video campaigns.

Go International

Expanding your business internationally has never been easier. Harness online tools to grow your business globally, outsource translation needs, and adjust your marketing and products to attract new customers.

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