3 Cloud-Based Tools You Can Use To Merge PDF Online


Before, there are two ways for you to be able to edit your PDF files. It’s either you need to master some software, or you have to pay a large amount for software with an easy interface. But thanks to technology, you can now merge and edit your PDF files by uploading them on a website. Now the question is, is your online PDF tool safe? What if it infects your PDF files with malware? Don’t fret yet! Today, let’s talk about cloud-based merging tools that are safe and free to use. Here are some of them: 

PDFBear for a fast and secured merging 

PDFBear’s combiner is the quickest way to merge PDFs into a single document. When you go to www.PDFBear.com, you will notice that the website has easy to follow directions. You only need to follow four easy steps to merge your PDF files. First, select and upload the files that you want to combine. You can choose more than two files for this action. Choose if you want to merge the files or if you want to combine specific pages. You can rearrange the files by dragging the PDF file to the position you want to place it. You can also add more PDF files, rotate each file, or remove files. Click Merge PDF when you’re ready to get the final output. 

PDFBear gives you a lot of options on what to do with your new file. First, you can download the file to your device, share the link to your friends, send the file directly, or upload it to your Drive. Second, you can do more edits to your new file. You can convert PDF to Word, Rotate PDF, Split, or Compress to reduce the file size. If you check PDFBear’s privacy policy, you’ll see that PDFBear deletes all the uploaded and processed files after one hour of inactivity. The website is also 256-Bit SSL-encrypted to protect your files’ integrity. With PDFBear, you can process any file without compromising your security.  

PDFSimpli for more edits 

PDFSimpli is another cloud-based tool that is compatible with all web browsers. Just like PDFBear, you don’t need any expertise to merge your files. PDFSimpli also has 24/7 customer support in case you come across some technical problems. In just a few clicks, you can combine multiple files and rearrange specific pages. 

To start, add the files to the PDF combiner. Next, choose the pages you want to keep by rearranging, rotating, and editing the document file. Before you can finalize the conversion, you can also perform some edits to your file. For example, you can add texts, photos, or highlight specific parts of the file. Once you are done, download the new file or share it with other people. 

DocuPub for different file formats 

DocuPub is another straightforward website that you can use to merge your files. Make sure to select the Merge PDF tool. Select the files that you want to merge. Take note that DocuPub has a file limit of 24 MB per file you upload. You can add more pages before you click Merge Files. Merging files might take a few seconds or minutes, depending on how big the file is. Once it’s done, you can click on the link to view the new PDF in your web browser. To download the file, you can right-click on the link and download the file into your device. Though you can’t rearrange the pages of each file you are merging, DocuPub supports more than 50 file formats. So if you want to combine spreadsheets, graphics, presentation, and word processing formats, it won’t be a problem with DocuPub. 

Take advantage of the cloud

Nowadays, there is no need for you to download any software, plugins, or app to edit your files, such as merging them into a single document. As long as you are connected to the internet and have access to a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, you can use these cloud-based merging tools at any time. You will be using zero capacity on your device whenever you combine files, which makes merging files an easy task. The next time you are given a task to combine PDFs, you won’t be clueless anymore.

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