How To Wear Anklets: A Complete Style Guide

How To Wear Anklets: A Complete Style Guide

Once you know how to wear silver anklets and other types of anklets, you’ll never go back.

An anklet is a great accessory to use whenever you’d like to add more style to your outfit. Unfortunately, many people don’t know which types of anklets to use with their outfits. If you use the wrong anklet, you’ll end up giving the wrong impression.

If you want to know how to wear toe rings and anklets together, you’ll first need to know what to look for in an anklet. We’ll go over the basics so you can start wearing anklets as soon as possible.

Read on to learn how to wear anklets!

Choosing an Ankle

When people think about how to wear an anklet bracelet, one of the first things they think of is the ankle that they’ll put it on. Wearing ankle bracelets doesn’t require you to use them on a certain side like wedding rings do. However, you can choose one based on your current accessories.

If you’re wearing asymmetrical clothing, you can put the anklet on the side that doesn’t have much on one side. For example, you can wear a toe ring on your right foot and an anklet on the left. If your entire outfit is symmetrical, just choose an ankle that feels comfortable to you.

Types of Anklets

Anklets come in many different looks, so you’ll need to choose one that represents you. You can find anklets made of gold, beads, silver, and charms. Depending on the type of look you’re going for, you’ll need to use a certain type to complement the outfit.

Anyone that’s looking to have a casual look can wear an anklet with a charm. If you’d like to have a more professional look, you can get a gold or silver anklet. Beaded anklets are best for warmer weather, think of using them when going to the beach.

Placing the Anklet

The main thing to keep in mind when using an anklet is that you should always use it on bare skin. Anklets don’t look good when you try putting them over clothing. If you’re using a metal anklet, you can end up tearing the clothes that you put underneath it because of the friction.

Knowing how to wear anklets with shoes is simple because you just need to have a tight enough anklet that won’t bother your feet. However, if you’re wearing low-tops, which are some of the best sneakers for women, you can loosen the anklet to make it rest on top of your feet.

Now You Know How to Wear Anklets

After reading this article, you can go out and find some anklets that will fit your style. Providing that you use this advice, you shouldn’t have a problem wearing anklets that complement your outfits and make you stand out.

We encourage you to buy several types of anklets so that you can make several outfits. When you’ve found an anklet that you like, you can look for more that are similar.

Now that you know how to wear anklets, check out our other articles for more advice!

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