Did you ever think that someone would use the pretext of corona-virus assistance to cause harm to you? Can someone fall so low to deceive and defraud you in the guise of a health concern? And could this happen even during a pandemic? We wouldn’t think or imagine such inhumane practice, but it is happening indeed.

From the start of January, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has received no less than 125,000 complaints linked to the pandemic. And the victims lost millions by falling for fraudulent scams. In this case, cyber-security is essential, but it is a must for every person’s safety online. Organizations and individuals need to adopt ample measures to ensure it at all levels as per the need.

If we look at it, online scams are not new to the healthcare industry. Hackers make attempts to steal sensitive patient data and put it up online or exchange it with someone. Though the emerging tech such as block-chain tech has made such attempts difficult, these still haven’t stopped from happening. And that’s where the problem lies.

No matter what we do or say, cybercriminals will attempt to steal money or information in some shape or form. They may approach us through a scamming email or attempt to defraud us through some pop-ups on the computer. Sometimes, they might try to manipulate the two-factor authentication process required usually by the banks.

But how do they launch an attack online? Well, a hacker may target the coding set up by an entity for protection. They may try to break the code to find a way inside and commit a theft. While entities can take ample security measures, individuals need to take some steps too. If we talk about a basic level, even teens should have an understanding of coding. They can do so by learning how to code and sharpen their skills by enrolling in different online courses.

Due to the importance of coding, it is continuously growing as organizations are at work to make it foolproof. But we need to have a solid understanding of why cyber-security is the need of the hour. Let’s look at the details below to understand that.

  1. An escalation in the Attacks

The first reason why cyber-security should be a matter of choice for a user is because of the intensifying attacks. Regardless of what sort of measures experts take, they continue to happen. The hackers aim at your data and sell it to third parties or fraudulent elements. The logical answer would have been to up the tech game to counter such attacks. But since technology is developing further, so are the hackers.

More significant threat calls for more extraordinary measures, so this is why there is a greater need than ever to counter the problem. Such steps may range from countering the attacks at the primary level to protecting large entities.

  1. Sensitive Data at Stake

With the increase in cyber-attacks, everything seems to be at stake. While there are regular attacks on organizations and individuals, many target sensitive information. It may be related to governments, militaries, research institutes, and intelligence networks. These carry vital information that involves entire countries and nations. If it gets stolen, the outcome could be chaotic.

Now, these entities do have stringent security measures, but there could always be a loophole. And, as the attacks become more sophisticated, even the most robust defense could become vulnerable. So, it’s best to adopt cybersecurity protocols in light of emerging threats and circumstances.

  1. Overcoming a Crisis

When a nation is dealing with a crisis, it involves people on a large-scale. It’s because no one can deal with a significant problem on their own. Take the example of the corona-virus outbreak when states have invested all of their resources to counter the virus. In this scenario, if a large-scale cybercrime occurs, it can put an additional burden on people.

And the truth is some hackers wait for such times to come so they can target the vulnerable. The steps for cyber-security, therefore, become a must for everyone. In addition to other security measures, a state must run campaigns to spread awareness about cyber attacks during the pandemic.

  1. Online Endeavors

It was during the pandemic that the world was able to realize the potential of online engagement fully. Businesses that were to shut down didn’t operate again because of the ease of working online. The same is the case with students who benefit fully from online education. They could put to use the effort of all those years.

But since there is an increase in the screen-time and online engagement, cyber-attacks have increased. Attackers target people based on the information that they share online. So, there needs to be a better security setup for online users.

  1. Business Growth

During the same time as the pandemic, businesses have turned to the online world. But since more and more transactions and communication have been going on online, things have been at risk. Given this, organizations need to develop new protocols to ensure the security of the employees. It requires hyper-sensitivity and extraordinary caution to deal with the problem effectively. Only a collective response at the organization’s level can help professionally address the issue.

  1. The Tech Uplift

Another area where cyber-security seeks improvement is technology. The truth is digitization is quite fast, and we are progressing toward better means and ways in life. These include AI, robotics, and so on, but none of them could be beneficial if the security remains at stake. Experts in the domain and other fields need to devise specific security protocols in this regard.

Final Word

The internet is a highly dangerous place if you see it in the context of cyber threats. Cybersecurity threats are by and large but are now reaching a new, challenging level with the advancement in tech. It makes cybersecurity the need of the hour, requiring us to take equally proportionate measures. On an individual level, we can avert a threat by never falling for any scamming attempt. Perhaps, on an organizational level, we require to be vigilant and proactive as a team, security-wise. Only then could a solution emerge.

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