7 Key Benefits of Coworking Spaces

7 Key Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Once upon a time, solo workers had to choose between working at a corporate office, renting a dedicated space, or working from home.

Today, coworking spaces blend the benefits of all of these—and more. As incubators for new ideas and opportunities, these flexible spaces give you the ability to tackle your creative pursuits when and where you want.

If you’re considering joining a local workspace, there are many advantages to keep in mind. Here are the seven key benefits of coworking spaces.

  1. Shared and Private Spaces

Coworking space offers tempting opportunities that most standard offices may not. With a coworking space, for example, you may find airy lounges, hot desks, glass-walled conference rooms, private meeting rooms, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for both collaboration and privacy if you know where to look.

  1. Sense of Community

If you’re a freelancer, contract worker, or small business owner, it’s easy to feel isolated when you work remotely from home.

One of the benefits of a collaborative workspace is that you may work solo, but you’re not working alone. Co-working spaces are studded with other people just like you, making it a great environment to foster a sense of connection. And since research repeatedly finds that other people are the key to our happiness, this is a great benefit to have.

  1. Networking

Hand in hand with connection is the ability to connect with other professionals, both in and outside your industry.

Most coworking office spaces host networking events that allow you to network, from educational workshops to catered lunches. These options, of course, depend on the coworking space, so check for local options to see what’s offered. Whatever the type of networking, your new friendships can easily turn into lasting relationships and collaborations over time.

  1. Worldwide Access

Coworking spaces are increasing in popularity all the time, meaning they’re popping up around the world. When traveling to major cities for work, you can easily find a comfortable workspace to get things done on the go.

  1. Higher Productivity

If you’ve ever worked from home, you know the threat that constant distractions pose. From home office clutter to noisy children, it can be hard to get things done.

With a coworking space optimized for productivity, you may find it much easier to enter “work mode” as soon as you cross the threshold. In addition, surrounding yourself with focused professionals can often help you become more productive in turn.

  1. Ability to Scale

Depending on the workspace, you’ll be able to pay only for the services and areas you need.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow a startup, this can be a huge perk. You’ll have the option to give employees a dedicated workspace in the early days of your business, without renting a stand-alone office. Furthermore, you’ll be able to scale up your team on the go, allowing everyone to work together as you succeed and grow.

  1. Extra Amenities

When you rent a separate office, the little costs add up: utilities, office supplies, and more. With a coworking space, the little costs are covered, and you’ll also have access to extra amenities. Most coworking spaces offer coffee and tea, mail services, a kitchen with supplies for cooking, printing and copying services, a community concierge, and more.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Depending on your business needs, you might find that some of these advantages are more attractive than others. However, it’s clear that the benefits of coworking spaces are well worth the costs! From networking opportunities to extra amenities, there’s no reason not to check out your local options to find one that’s right for you.

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