How to Choose Between Paid and Free Press Release Submission Sites?

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The year was 1906 when Ivy Lee issues a press release for the first time about a train wreck that killed more than 50 people. He made a different move that was out of the box; instead of waiting for journalists to pick up the story and write something for the newspaper, he wrote a release and sent it to journalists one by one.

The New York Times did not waste a single minute and printed just how Lee wrote the statement. This was important to share with the people because people have dubious questions about the functionality of a press release in the modern age. Only the year has changed but its importance remains intact since the day the idea was born!

With more advanced tools and methods, you can be successful with paid or Free Press Release sites.

What is exactly a press release?

A press release is a written content that contains all the important and exclusive details about your organization, your present project, and the names of the accolades received that people should know about your work.

A press release is written in a formal tone with simple words that will directly lead it to the matter. Furnishing a well-crafted press release is a work of art, but you cannot forget about the next big step on its way.

The next big step is to choose between a paid and Free Press Release Services for the submission.

But first, you should have an idea why is press release submission so important? It is important in many ways but mostly because without submitting the press release on the right platform, your story will be just kept as any other words on the paper. If you do not try to submit the content, then there is no way it’s getting distributed on the popular websites, Google News, and different magazines where people can learn about the recent happenings in your company. Writing a press release takes time and sometimes money (if you hire a professional PR writer), it will be a big waste if you do not try to submit your story and make it viral.

The benefits that you can acquire from Free Press Release distribution:

  1. Zero cost:

When you can choose the journalists and send them e-mails directly with your story then the expenditure becomes excessively less compare to the paid distribution services. You can stop worrying about arranging hundreds of dollars just to be in the spotlight with the paid media coverage.

  1. Choose your time:

You can press the send button of the e-mail whenever you want to send the perfect press release. You can serve crisp news like serving breakfast, choose early hours to catch the journalist in a fresh mood, and keep the subject of the mail catchy enough to make him take a look at the mail.

  1. Social media post:

If you are smart enough to handle social media promotional by yourself then you can authentically promote your story with natural aggression and zeal on each social media platform so that it circulates among hundreds of people.

Disadvantages come along with Free Press Release:

  1. Most non-paid press release sites won’t distribute your precious press release on the internet except on their site. This stops your publicity with limited attention of merely countable users.
  2. Free services are not for forever, they ill bait with the first two or three free services and then you have to use the money to avail the expensive packages.
  3. Your press release becomes the freak show with pop up Google ads and links that will annoy the readers more than they get actually encouraged by your story.
  4. If you have any questions or doubts, you can’t call them because you don’t get access to customer services.

Good things that you can never miss on a paid press release service:

  1. Backlinks:

Most of the paid services are a bit costly but no one can question the value of its services. You should try once to know what’s in store for you. The firms distribute the content to as many websites as possible including Google News and Apple News. When your content is picked up from one website to another website, you receive backlinks and mentions, both are important for your success.

  1. Paid media coverage:

It gives a huge opportunity for you to share any small or big stories that can take the breath away of the world. With a paid service, get it posted over 150 platforms, make your news viral.

  1. Target audience:

It is very important to know how to earn the attention of the people you are writing the story for. It is not the right approach to address the PR to every single person on this earth. That won’t be a successful formula, but the paid Press Release companies target a certain type of audience for your content. That will broaden your visibility.



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