5 Reasons Why You Need To Binge Schitt’s Creek Now

5 Reasons Why You Need To Binge Schitt’s Creek Now

Have you heard folks around you talking about Schitt’s Creek, but you’re completely out of the loop?

You have got to start watching this wonderfully quirky, hilarious, and heart-warming show.

Schitt’s Creek is truly one of the best TV shows on Netflix – as evidenced by how it swept the 2020 Emmys. So don’t waste another minute wondering if it’s your bag.

It is. And here’s why:

  1. Brilliant Writing 

Schitt’s Creek is one of those shows that can take four snobby, eccentric, and fairly unlikeable characters (the Rose family) and slowly turn them into people you’d be happy to know. Even with all of their imperfections.

The transformation of the Rose family from wealthy spoiled city dwellers to four people with true heart and soul discovering who they are is perfectly executed. And to witness them do it in the small town of Schitt’s Creek that’s populated by a ragtag group of lovable characters makes it all the more endearing.

2.The Cast Rocks

Just the four members of the Rose family alone are impressive.

With heavy-hitting comedy veterans like Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara playing John and Moira Rose, it’s hard to go wrong. But add to that Dan Levy – Eugene’s insanely talented son who plays his son David (read more about him in this post) – and the equally talented Annie Murphy who plays daughter Alexis and you’ve got comedic gold.

And while you may not be as familiar with the rest of the cast – with the possible exception of Chris Elliot who plays Roland Schitt (say it a few times) – suffice it to say that each one is perfectly cast.

  1. How the Characters Interact

Pull together fantastic writing and great actors and you have the perfect recipe for creating beautiful relationships. Schitt’s Creek has the unique ability to pair any two characters and make it work. And there are some pretty interesting pairings.

Yet, no matter how unusual the pairings may be, there is ALWAYS chemistry. The way the cast works off one another is truly impressive and it adds production value to the whole series.

  1. The Patrick And David Connection

Among the most stunning pairings is that of David Rose and his love interest and partner Patrick.

Before the quirky yet adorable David meets Patrick, he is unable to commit to anyone and flounders in his relationships with both men and women. His bond with Patrick has a certain kind of magic and they’ve become the “it” couple for 2020.

Any viewer who doesn’t find themselves rooting for these two before the series comes to its finale has not a romantic bone in their body.

  1. Moira’s Fabulous Wardrobe and Wigs

Catherine O’Hara’s character Moira Rose is bound to become a fashion icon. In the midst of this one-light podunk town, she manages to sport the most outrageous high fashion ensembles. Add to that her extensive collection of wigs and every episode presents a woman who knows no bounds.

And you’ll love her for it.

The World Needs More Schitt’s Creek

Whatever may be going on in your life right now, mixing in a binge-worthy dose of Schitt’s Creek is only going to make it better. Trust us.

So don’t hesitate. Grab the popcorn, settle in, and binge away.

And for more great articles from the world of entertainment, keep checking back with us.

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