An Adventure Seeker’s Guide to the Best Idaho Rafting Trips


Did you know that there are an estimated 700,000 avid whitewater rafters in the U.S? Whitewater rafting is a thrilling outdoor activity that families can participate in and enjoy.

In fact, there are many rafting trips available in Idaho. Whether you’re looking for a nice fishing outing or thorough wildlife experience, you can find it all in Idado. So, what are the best Idaho rafting trips?

Don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out! From the best day trips to the best fishing expeditions, you can find a rafting excursion that’s right for you.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here are some best rafting trips in Idaho:

Best Wilderness Trips  

Whitewater rafting is an exciting experience that can leave you with lifelong memories. Whether you’re with family or with friends, you can enjoy the daunting rapids and navigate through the crisp waters. Although if you want to see the nature behind the river, these three trips are just for you!

Snake River

This daunting adventure is one you surely will love. Starting through Hells canyon, the snake river slips you through one of the roughest and striking landscapes you’ll ever witness. With rocky boulders in the way, the river creates one of the largest rapids in the Pacific Northwest.

Although in between the snake river ride, you can wonder at the glorious mountainside covered in the pine forest. If you watch long enough, you’ll eventually see an eagle flying above and perhaps even a mountain goat. Although, if you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon a few bears wondering about.

If you want to extend your journey, don’t hesitate to rent a lodge or go camping. You can even enjoy additional activities such as fly fishing, mountain biking, or simply relaxing by the beautiful mountainside.

Owyhee River

This extreme adventure is perfect for anyone wanting a one of a kind experience. With gorgeous scenery and breathtaking wildlife, this rafting trip is definitely one you need to take. Although, if you’re in a hurry, you might not want to select this expedition as Owyhee river trips range between four and seven days.

The trip starts out in the scarce countryside with views of the multi-colored canyons. Then it launches with walled rocks that rise above the river at around 1,000 feet in the air.

During this time, you’ll see a variety of beautiful flowers scattered around the hillside. You’ll even see a diverse selection of birds like falcons and even eagles flying above. You’ll also see other creatures like sheep, otters, and perhaps even antelope.

Camps can be set out on the soft sand beaches beside the sagebrush and juniper trees. Once you’re settled in, relax, and look up at the delightful Idaho sunset. Although, if you want a few last-minute adventures, you can always submerge yourself in one of the numerous hot springs or hike up to canyon draw.

Bruneau River

This free-flowing whitewater rafting excursion is surely one you don’t want to miss. So make sure you schedule time on your calendars for a trip because this thrilling adventure can only take place during April thru mid-June.

In fact, this remote trip features class II as well as class IV rapids. So you’ll be whopping and cheering the whole way down. You’ll even see wildlife up close and personal. You’ll likely see creatures like otters, beavers, reptiles, and maybe even a coyote or two.

Although, if you’re a nature lover, make sure you come during the month of May. During that time, the desert is in full bloom with plenty of plants flowering, making the canyon look like an iridescent rainbow.

Best Rafting Trips for Fishing 

Taking a rafting trip is always a thrilling experience. From the challenging waves to the splashes, it’s one an excursion that will leave your heart pumping.

However, for some, it’s perhaps too intense. After all, a recent study found that 38% of people see fishing as a means to relax and de-stress. That’s why; some rafting trips come with fishing built right into the expedition. Here are a few of the best rafting trips for fishing:

Middle Fork River

This challenging whitewater rafting excursion is certainly for those who love an adventure. The journey starts in a Salmon river where you’ll see tons of striking salmon underneath the crisp blue waters. Then you’ll immediately enter a forest with fir trees and spruce.

The river then becomes narrow and shallow, darkening with every turn. However, it quickly opens up to deep pools of sparkling water full of rainbow trout and native cutthroat.

If you want, you can stop and fish along the river. In fact, guests have been known to catch an abundance of fish.

Then as you move downstream, the forest extends, and you’ll see beautifully painted mountains. Guests can hike below the waterfall creek and around veil falls. You can even submerge yourself in the numerous hot springs down Middle Fork, isn’t that neat?

If you want to extend your trip a couple of days, you can always rent a lodge or enjoy the perks of camping. Just remember to take some time to honor the native people and their lands.

St. Joe River

If you’re looking for an excellent fishing spot, St. Joe River is just the place for you. The journey will start in the Bitterroot Mountains, full of dense forest and packed full of diverse plants. You’ll perhaps even see eagles soaring above or falcons landing in the heavy trees. As you travel downstream, you can stop and fly fish.

Although, try to visit in-between the months of March and October. During this time, you can catch an excessive amount of wild trout just in one sitting. However, if you keep traveling downstream, you’ll happen upon an abundance of rainbow trout and wild cutthroat.

Coeur d’ Alene River

No trip is more inclusive than the Coeur d’ Alene River. This excursion is perfect for beginner’s fishers, intermediates, as well as experts. That way, the whole family can have fun. During this rafting adventure, you’ll experience many whitewater rapids that will make you laugh and smile.

As you travel downstream, you’ll notice the waters will start to still as you move into a beautiful oasis. Fulled with dense greenery and rocky stones, it the perfect place to fish for cutthroat trout. In fact, some fish can even grow to be 20 inches long; imagine catching that!

Best Day Trips 

Taking a rafting day trip sounds amazing, but what excursions are the best? Here are the top trips that might be just right for you:

Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork River is the best place to go rafting, especially if you have kids. During this rafting trip, you’ll experience many class II through class III waves. You’ll definitely bounce up and down and even get splashed to the point where you’ll grin and laugh.

As the river moves deep through the canyon, you’ll notice the water will start to calm and become the perfect place for swimming! The silent waters between the bustling waves make it the perfect family excursion.

In fact, when you go out on Clark Fork River, you’ll likely see many birds. From harlequin ducks to osprey, you can definitely spot a bird in the air.

Just keep in mind, while this is a family excursion, only kids aged eight or older can ride on this rafting trip. Any child that’s younger than eight can face potential danger if they go on this particular rafting trip.

Lochsa River

This intense rafting trip is perfect for intermediate and expert rafters. A number of rivers are fast while others are slow and large. This river blends them all together to create the best trip available.

It’s fast, with large amounts of volume, which makes it have wicked waves and large riveting holes. With the added rocky mountain gorges and the diverse forest greenery, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie scene.

Take These Idaho Rafting Trips Today 

Whether you’re going on a fun vacation or simply want to take a day trip, these rafting excursions will definitely make your heart race. If you’re going with kids, we suggest you go on the Clark Fork River as it’s safe but also a thrilling expedition everyone will enjoy.

Although, if you want to explore the wilderness behind the river, we suggest taking the snake river. There you can potentially see mountain goats and even bears!

There are so many rafting trips available, make sure to explore each one as it could be the right trip for you. For more information about Idaho rafting, visit our website today. We look forward to helping you!


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