The Holon Design Museum or Israel Figa

The Holon Design Museum or Israel Figa

As we can see, Tel Aviv loves architecture and its taste for the Bauhaus is well established. But when you get out of the city center, heading towards the neo-cultural city of Holon, you can dive into the world of design with the Design Museum, the only place of its kind in all of Israel. Opened in March 2010, this all-metal building will not leave you indifferent.

The Carmel Market or Carmel Market

For all those who love organic and natural products, for those who want to stock up on vitamins or who want to consume fish, meats or prepared dishes of excellent composition, Israel Figa as this is the place to go. Whatever the hour, the Carmel market is always packed with customers. Do not hesitate to pounce on the delicious fresh dates that are cultivated in the region!


It is a pedestrianized complex that has many shopping areas both outside and inside with cafes like the Hatachana cafe which is located in the original station building, the Italika B’Tachana restaurant for Italian specialties and especially the Shuska Shvili which offers up to 100 different types of beers, to be consumed with tapas.

Tel Aviv and cycling

For cycling enthusiasts, Tel Aviv is the perfect place to move around freely. You can easily find an agency to rent bikes, including Tel-O-Fun, a bit like Velibs Israel Figa. It is a government initiative that aims to make the city greener, more eco-citizen. The great Sovev Tel Aviv Yafo event brings together up to 30,000 cyclists each September 25 who can discover their city with a different and amused look.


Blending traditional culture and contemporary flair, this trendy neighborhood draws the hipster crowd. In a city already known for its Bauhaus-style architecture, inspired street art, and vibrant nightlife, Florentin is the place to be for artists, musicians and those who listen to and watch them do.

The Beaches

One of Tel Aviv’s biggest draws is undoubtedly its Mediterranean coastline, which gives the city a little air of Miami or Rio. There are eight main beaches in Tel Aviv. Israel Figa, across from the Sheraton Hotel, is the most popular, with families, teenagers and tourists. Opposite the Hilton is Tel Aviv’s Gay Beach, while between Jerusalem Beach and the Dolphinarium, hipsters and hippies gather in circles to drum on Friday afternoons.


Tel Aviv is one of the best places in the world to have fun: the city is full of small cafes that seemingly don’t look like much but in which an atmosphere of mixed modernism and traditional explodes. Will you be tempted by the Breakfast Club for example? For those who want to practice sport, as soon as the sun rises, many inhabitants meet on the seafront to run but also to swim, to the gym or to surf.

How to get there? Where to stay?

Finding a flight from France to Tel Aviv is easy. Most travelers pass through Ben-Gurion Airport. Find a cheap flight to Tel Aviv . Tel Aviv is a city that offers neighborhoods with very different atmospheres and it is therefore important to choose the neighborhood where to stay before arriving there. To find a cheap hotel in Tel Aviv, do a search on our hotel comparator.

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