Types of Accidents at offshore oil rigs


Working in an offshore oil rig is dangerous. The workers at offshore oil rigs are hard working. Many of them die or are injured due to offshore accidents every year. If you have been injured due to an offshore oil rig accident, you can use your legal rights. Hire an experienced offshore injury lawyer at Zehl & Associates who can fight to preserve your legal rights and help you to get compensation.

Low maintenance of the machinery

The machines used in offshore oil rigs are very complicated. It is essential to check the maintenance of machinery regularly correctly. So you can be safe from any mishap.

Improper training of the staff

Staff working at offshore oil rigs must be adequately trained. As we know, it’s a responsible duty to work offshore, so any negligence or misbehave of the staff should not be accepted.

Use of flammable materials

Due to the offshore oil rig’s dangerous nature, one should not use any combustible material. It can put hundreds of lives in danger.

Negligence in supervision

Most of the mistakes took place due to the failure in supervision. The supervisor of the staff should adequately train the staff. He must be a responsible person.

Manufacturing defects

Most of the accidents are also due to the manufacturing defects in the machines.

Type of Injuries

Here are a lot of injuries commonly associated with an offshore oil rig accident. Such as

Chemical/Fire Burns

Bone fracture

Bone dislocation

Brain injury

Internal injuries

Spinal cord injury

Traumatic injury

If you or your loved one is suffering any of these injuries. You have a legal right to file a case against the responsible person for your damages.If you know, the defaulter is ok. If no, Our experts at Zehl Law & Associates are here to help you caught the responsible party for your loss.

Who is responsible for your injury?

To find the responsible person for your injury or loss is a very complicated task. The complexity of this issue relates to the necessity to hire an experienced lawyer for your legal help. Many persons can be responsible for your loss in the offshore oil rig accident. For example:

The employees


Equipment manufacturers

Oil and gas refinery company

Transport company


Get compensation for your Damages

An offshore injury lawyer from Zehl & Associates focuses quickly to optimize compensation for you. Any victim from an offshore oil rig accident can be entitled to get compensation for existing damages and the issue they can face due to the injury or loss because of the negligence of the other person. Moreover, you can also demand punitive compensation, which means you can get extra money for your losses.

Our experienced offshore injury lawyer at Zehl & Associates helps you get compensation for your damages and help you go through all this complicated situation. Just Call 24/7 For A Free Consult



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