Why learn alone with a private teacher? Here are the interests of home tuition!

home tuition

Many students are required, at some point in their schooling, to take private lessons, in the form of home tuition. This recourse to private tutoring in addition to the teaching of National Education can result from multiple expectations.

A flagship profession in the personal services sector, 65% of parents surveyed by Statist said they were ready to resort to academic support or personalized coaching for their child if they had the means. At the start of the 2019 school year, primary, middle and high school students numbered 12,393,400 according to experts, or 20.2% of the most population. If 65% of the pupils really had recourse to tutoring, they would be 8,055,710 to call on a private tutor. A beautiful market!

Why take private lessons at home?

When suffering from a symptom, it is often necessary to treat the problem at the root.

Poor academic performance

Faced with poor academic results, memorization difficulties or learning disabilities, academic difficulties – sneaky and vicious – cause serious gaps to interfere without realizing it. Result: despite the efforts made by each student wishing to progress in order to do their homework better, we sometimes do not manage to obtain even one good mark in the end of chapter evaluations. Self-confidence collapses, and motivation with it . But, this is neither irremediable nor irreversible.

Avoid accumulating gaps

You can therefore use the services of an experienced teacher if you have difficulty keeping up with the pace and the curricula. Difficulties sometimes arise from college level in 6th grade because the student has not assimilated the basics in preparatory course, elementary or middle courses and this is not a defect!

The educational support provided will, in principle, help each child to progress in order to avoid accumulating gaps. Often even parents are a little ashamed that their child has difficulty learning to read or understand mathematical logic. You should know that the method used in class is suitable for the majority of children. However, some will have to have a different explanation to understand the same thing. This does not mean that they are more stupid than the others but that they have logic.

For example, to learn to read, there is the syllabic method, the global method and the mixed method (a bit of both). It is sometimes necessary to change the methodology to better understand a concept. This is also and above all true for mathematics.

A problem of organization and methodology

We may also wish for additional educational support in order to learn how to organize better according to the schedule, to better manage one’s time. Because the arrival in sixth upset the habits of the pupils who must then be more autonomous. This inability to organize despite attendance can result from a methodological problem: the methodological assistance of the home teacher will help the learner to work better, to learn to learn in a way.

One-off help to better prepare for exams

Then, taking private lessons can help in preparing for exams: college diploma (private lessons in math, history-geography, and basic lessons), preparatory studies, support in scientific subjects, support in literature and language lessons, etc. Fighting against a child’s academic failure involves regular monitoring throughout the school year, as long as each lesson takes place in suitable and optimal conditions (calm and clean environment, bright and tidy, sufficient sleep, good nutrition and good hydration).

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