TOP 6 Essential Elements for local marketing success


If you don’t have an excellent local marketing strategy in place, it is near about impossible to scale your business growth in the long run. Having a good SEO in Bangkok  is a way to succeed, and here we share with you the top six critical elements for your local marketing success.

Local Business Listings

Local business listing is critical to building your success in the local market. As such, set up a local business listing strategy. Sometimes small business owners struggle to scale their Local Management System (LMS). In this case, the quickest way to get a business locally listed is by taking advantage of the online business directories.

Straight to the point, you only need to pay attention to a few online local directories. The top 6 local business directories that successful small business owners pay attention are as follow-

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Local Yahoo
  • Yellow Pages
  • Biz Yelp
  • Facebook for Business

Top-tier Global brands take advantage of local presence management (LPM), which is defined as maintaining a digital presence. When entering into local markets, multinational firms benefit from local marketing software tools and particularly citation management tools. These tools help the brands manage their digital presence across hundreds of platforms.

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

Local business listing and local SEO are closely linked to each other. When filling out your local business listings and directories, the good practice is to take the support of the local SEO keywords. This helps your search engine optimization efforts in the long run.

Almost all the directories, including Facebook, require a minimum of 250 characters to describe your business. Make it a point to write some good locally SEO optimized business descriptions for all these directories and optimize meta descriptions and title tags.

Local Landing Pages

Multi-location brands have sets of local landing pages to boost local visibility in search engines. Again, the importance of following an excellent local SEO practice in all these landing pages stands second to none.

Global brands use software tools that help them adapt the website in any language or local currency depending on the location and customer’s insight to succeed in the international markets.

Local Pay Per Clicks (Local PPC)

Paid advertising strategy or PPC is another of the critical elements for your local marketing success. From multinational brands to franchisees, all take PPC’s benefits and align it with their digital marketing strategy.

As a matter of fact, small business owners also run PPC campaigns, and it indeed has proven as a beneficial tactic in driving local sales at the quickest possible time.

Local Reputation Management

In the digital market scope, local reputation management means maintaining your online reviews and ratings on your local pages and sites. While on the other hand, some business owners score positive reviews for the sake of the brand’s reputation.

Scoring good reviews can be tricky at times, and there is no one way to succeed in a short time. But, the number one tip for good local reputation management is all business owners must understand that it takes time to build reputations online, but you can lose it in a minute with a bad review. As such, you need an online customer service who stays punctual and consistent enough to tackle any bad online review whenever it shows up.

Local Cross-promotion

Reach out to local influencers and business owners and collaborate. Collaborating with local businesses is a proven strategy followed by small business owners. Sponsor favorite local events or collaborate with local influencers in creating a buzz among the local shoppers.


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