Brandon Rembert of Alcorn State Eyeing Breakout Campaign In 2021


Brandon Rembert of Alcorn State is eager for a breakout season in 2021.  The team’s right fielder went undrafted in 2019 and 2020. He feels like a good year can reverse that trend. He states, “I feel like if I have a really good season in the spring, I think it would really help my draft stock.  I have had some looks, but I think that if I have a really good year next year it’ll definitely put me in a better position to get more interest from scouts.”  Alcorn state was only limited to 12 games last season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the season was canceled, the NCAA granted them another year. Rembert states, “I was really glad that we were able to get our year back.  I was really nervous that the 2020 season was going to be my last. I didn’t really want to go out like that.”

In 2020, Rembert hoisted a .255 batting average, adding a homerun and 6 RBIs in the 12 games.  These numbers are lackluster compared to his 2019 campaign where he hit for a .345 average, which led the team and was top 8 in the SWAC. “I feel like in 2020 I didn’t really have a chance to get going.  I feel like I was just getting warmed up and then the season just got canceled out of nowhere.  I definitely feel like my offensive numbers would have been better than what they were if we were able to play the full season. I’m not really too hard on myself on the season I had in 2020 because it was such a small sample.” Rembert still remains confident that he will flourish in the 2021 season.

Brandon Rembert’s work ethic and consistency aid in his confidence. “I have been working really hard in the off season to put myself in the best position to be successful next season.  I am always trying to work on my weaknesses and try to make myself a tough hitter to get out.”  Rembert has definitely been an offensive force at the plate in his career at Alcorn State. He has already made his presence known in the SWAC.  He has been acknowledged by many as one of the top hitters in the conference.   His numbers have definitely backed up this claim. In his junior season, he was 6th in the conference with a batting average of .417 in conference play.  That is a pretty eye popping statistic.  Even with an offensive prowess like Rembert’s, he is still looking to build on his great 2019 season. “I felt like I had a pretty good year that year, but there is always room for improvement. Scouts like to see if I can be consistent with my success at the plate, not just a one-time thing.  I feel like another big year will show scouts that my 2019 year was not just a one-time thing.”  Rembert is hungry to prove to scouts why they should take in him in next year’s draft.

Rembert is trying to improve on the minor things that will help raise his stock next year. He states, “I have really been working on all aspects of my game.  I really feel like I can get better at everything.  I’m trying to improve my speed in the outfield and am also trying to hit for some more power at the plate, being that I am playing a corner outfield position.  I feel like there is always room for improvement in every aspect of my game.  I just want to put myself in a good position to be picked up in the next year’s draft.” Brandon Rembert’s dream of being drafted may not be that far away. This year he was recognized by Black College Nines as being an HBCU Player to Watch for the MLB Draft, even though he was not picked. This gave Rembert faith that getting drafted was definitely possible. “Getting that recognition was very exciting to me.  It let me know that people were starting to take notice of me.  It kind of opened my eyes a bit knowing that my dream of getting drafted was actually attainable.  It makes we want to work even harder to reach that goal.” Brandon Rembert is very optimistic about his chances of getting drafted in the 2021 draft.  Another breakout season from him can help him climb up the draft boards and eventually lead him to possibly accomplishing his dream of playing pro ball.


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