Indian Cricketing Legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni


“If u don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself, you don’t really know what the target is !                                                                                                                         -MS Dhoni

Deadly batsman, world renowned finisher, outstanding wicketkeeper, the Living legend , India’s most efficacious captain in all three areas of the game , who is not acclimatized to the truth of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s mastery on the pitch of the field?  The wonders he had made in cricket indoctrinated all of the world of his majestic powers and excellent skills. But we don’t usually recognized that how these heroes built into such an accomplishment .How they made such exceptional victories in their lives.

Starting from goalkeeping in a football team at a lower level to being the highest run scorers in One Day Internationals and sixteenth most remarkable athlete in the world, he made this phenomenal journey through passion and by following his dream. Who knew that a boy from a small town in India would be winning world cup for his country? Although he didn’t performed well in his debut but his hard work and passion took him to the heights of success. The struggle he did, the craze he had, the spirit and desire for his dream made such phenomenal achievements. He did failed many times but He didn’t lost hope. He tried again and again to earn his mission. He never stepped back in hard times no matter how difficult it was to stay in game. He always believed that the only way to be successful is to not be afraid of failure.

Dhoni has done captainship of Indian team in 332 international matches – 200 ODIs, 60 Tests and 72 T20Is and has made a world record. He is acknowledged as “captain cool” because he take decisions quite calmly and with patience. He is as one of the best wicket keepers. He is the first Indian wicket-keeper to complete 4,000 Test runs .He has the most stumpings made by any wicket keeper in ODI career.

He has great leadership qualities and turned out the best captain, Indian team could have as he has great motivational capabilities. He believed in positivity throughout his game. He used to be prepared for every action in field.

His love for cricket is beyond the boundary. The passion he had made him so daring that he got the courage to train and lead a wonderful team and make his country proud. He is so down to earth that he handled his success with zero arrogance and maintained his growth and position perfectly.

His biggest preference is fame not money, because he thinks that being someone’s favorite is the biggest reward anyone could have. He has been realistic throughout his career. He never let anybody to lower his morale and make him demotivated.

He never feared failure and this quality of Dhoni made him confident and bold. He remained calmed in every stressful situation because he knew that if a leader panics, the whole team would suffer. He always focused on improvement and betterment in performance. He always focused on short-term goals and tried to achieve them.

MS Dhoni took his retirement from International cricket , and we are surely going to miss his presence on pitch. He has a huge fan following in the country and internationally and his fans absolutely want to see him back in game.

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