A Lawyer for a Traffic Accident: For What Circumstances?

A Lawyer for a Traffic Accident: For What Circumstances?

The action of the victim in the occurrence of the accident, such as an inexcusable fault in the behavior adopted (for example, if a person lies down in the middle of the night in the middle of the road, is rolls over and dies as a result of his injuries, it is not possible for his heirs to obtain compensation for this damage, since the inexcusable fault of the victim, the sole cause of the accident will be retained to remove this right to compensation).

Any land motor vehicle is in principle insured.

The insurance must make a proposal for compensation for your damages. If the accident is the cause of the death of the victim, this proposal must be made to the heirs or beneficiaries of the victim.   Things get complicated when the vehicle that hit you was not insured by its driver. The State came to establish the Guarantee Fund for Compulsory Damage Insurance (FGAO). The main objective of this Fund is to compensate victims of road accidents for which the perpetrator is not insured, not identified or even insolvent.

It is up to the victim to seize this Fund within one year after the occurrence of the road accident. As soon as you are the victim of an accident and you have suffered bodily injury, whether you fall within the limits of the Law or not, you can claim compensation. You can trust on Pacific Attorney Group who can help you determine which compensation plan is applicable and how much you can claim. In the event of a hit and run or even driving without insurance, the assistance of a criminal lawyer can also be important in order to maximize your chances of success. He may in particular support you in order to file a complaint against the perpetrator and represent your interests before the criminal courts.

If the negotiations take place between the insurers directly, (insurer of the person responsible for the accident and insurer of the victim), the observation is that often the amount of compensation that will be allocated to you is much lower than that negotiated through a traffic accident lawyer. The road lawyer can and sometimes will also have to have an expertise of your damages carried out by an expert doctor. His assistance will prove to be convincing in order to quantify the stakes of your file, but also to represent your interests and maximize them in the negotiation. The road lawyer is the legal professional who can also help you build your case and especially to support you in your efforts. In the event of litigation, the court exclusively competent to hear disputes relating to road accidents is the Tribunal de Grande Instance.

Beyond his role of representation, the road lawyer will have an advisory role, he will be able to place the cursor on the compensation to which you are effectively entitled and will be able to do everything possible to demonstrate that you are in your right to claim the compensation requested. Again, the sooner you get in touch with a lawyer following the occurrence of your accident and the faster you will be advised on the procedure to follow the most suited to your particular situation.


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