New broadcasting platforms and their impact on the sports industry


Streaming has now been an integral part of television programming for several years, giving new opportunities to broadcast sports content, taking more and more flexibility and adaptability to the new needs of the public. The television landscape has changed and, in this constant evolution, platforms have appeared and developed, offering new forms of access and interactions, in a market increasingly focused on mobility.

A scenario that gives the user an increasingly active role, allowing him to discover, for the first time, a dynamic and interactive mode of consumption not only through an increasingly connected television screen but also via the Web and smartphones as preferred instruments for providing sports content for enthusiasts. Over the years, we have witnessed the advent of OTT platforms, capable of transmitting live and on-demand content to the user, accessible anywhere and at any time thanks to major technological advances, revolutionizing the way to enjoy the sport.

If Amazon Prime and Netflix were among the first to acquire a substantial share of the entertainment sector, replacing traditional television as the preferred access channel for films and TV series, thus contributing to the transformation of the market first in the United States and now in Europe, today it is the sports sector which is booming with historical sports players like BeIN Sports on the North American market or the OTT specialists themselves.

먹튀폴리스,present in South Korea is the group that has entered in the sports broadcasting market and doing good on their behalf. However, there are other platforms as well like DAZN in 2015, this British group launched its live-streaming platform which is then offered in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and the United States, and now in more than thirty countries. The company had already acquired experience of football in Europe with the portal, but it is in the field of multimedia distribution of sporting events that the London group has achieved new investment margins. Hence the idea of ​​

In Italy, the platform obtained in the last season the exclusive broadcast of 114 matches in the Serie A championship. It offers a price model significantly lower than that of its direct competitors, does not offer long-term contracts and allows terminate the subscription at any time and without penalty and connect up to 6 devices, two of which simultaneously. DAZN was certainly an important turning point for sports enthusiasts, not only because of the reduced price offered but also because for the first time the content is accessible – live and on-demand – to a wide range of devices: smartTV, smartphone, tablet, computer, and console. A catchy proposition, particularly appreciated by young people, thanks to attractive features such as personalization of content,

For the South Korean market, 먹튀폴리스 is the online streaming platform has offered live sport events. Football is at the top of user preferences. This ranking also includes the NFL and the UFC, which are growing and highly appreciated by young people.

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