Effects of Blue light technology on glasses

Effects of Blue light technology on glasses 1

It’s no longer a hidden fact that screen consumption is causing our eyes to suffer every day. With the global pandemic happening around, we are pushed to stay indoors to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus. We tend to spend most of our time indoors surfing the web, binge-watching Netflix, playing video games or working from home and many more activities. We saw a global shift in the way of working to maintain our sanity while staying 24 hours indoors without meeting our friends on weekends.

It is tough to live like this, believe me coming from an introvert herself, socialisation is important to remain healthy (sometimes).  Due to hours of screen consumption and relying on computers, our mental and physical beings were exhausted with its side effects. The impacts on our eyes were most detrimental than any other.

Effects of Covid-19 on the eyes

The COVID-19 situation globally was ambiguous and unclear, there was nothing to do other than just remaining indoors. Hence we all shifted towards the internet. There was a significant rise in all the streaming platforms during the lockdown. Netflix gained up to 16 million new signs due to immediate lockdown. Along with Amazon Prime, the streaming platform all over the world witnessed a 60% growth in subscribers than expected. With higher viewing and increased membership growth that the website was unable to handle it.

Now that you know what we did during our lockdown, the solution might appear simple to you. Not just Netflix, people also worked from home for extended hours, took online classes and learnt new skills with free packages offered by brands during the lockdown.

The main impact from all the online work reflects on our eyes. The eyes after prolonged hours of screen consumption reacted with itchiness, eye strain, headache, burning sensation, redness, and many more uncomfortable situations. For many, the eyes turn extremely watery and red that they had to take breaks for hours to rest and then resume back to work. These problematic effects in the eyes are spotted quite often and it started to occur daily for most people.

What is the cause of eye strain while using the screen?

For those still unaware, your screens emit harmful blue light rays that are extremely harmful to your eyes. Blue light rays are transmitted from the sun, LED lights and our digital devices. The only solution for thesis harmful rays lies in blue light glasses.  Harmful blue light rays penetrate the retina of the eyes and cause severe damage. Apart from painful discomforts like eye strain, headaches and others, it can also cause potential vision problems. The blue light rays are not harmful if you limit your screen consumption to 2 to 3 hours but if they exceed more than that, your eyes won’t be at ease.

Solution – Blue light technology on glasses

Many users are opting for replacement glasses due to the impressive effects of blue light technology. Blue light technology is also known as a blue light coating on glasses that work towards eradicating incoming blue light rays from our eyes. These lenses contain specialised blue light technology with an anti-reflective property that helps to reflect or block blue light rays.

The blue light technology on glasses helps predominantly in limiting the frequent eye discomfort we often faced due to screen. With this technology, you can easily operate on any digital devices without experiencing any eye trouble. It offers constant protection and allows you to work on the screen for hours with ease and comfort.

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