The Legalization of Marijuana around the World

The Legalization of Marijuana around the World 1

Researchers in Alberta have found that certain cannabis extracts can combat coronavirus by raising the amount of locks it can choose to enter humans. Drs Igor and Olga Kovalchuk, from Lightbridge University, have identified a dozen extracts linked to proteins used by the virus for cell entry.

This is about the legalization of marijuana, as is actually the case, for example, in countries like the US and Western Nations. The differences between individual freedom and the concept of welfare state can always be seen in debates about legalizing drugs, especially soft drugs such as marijuana. Among other things, the advocates of legalization state that marijuana is not only less harmful than permitted substances such as alcohol and tobacco, but that certain medicines have also been shown to have. Legalization opponents have an entirely different argument.

That is because marijuana legalization will serve as a precursor to increasing addiction to hard drugs and will eventually lead to higher crime rates.

Although the harmful effects of marijuana are not greater than those of legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Research by the British Medical Association actually demonstrates that nicotine is far more addictive than marijuana. Further, use of alcohol and smoking cigarettes causes more deaths every year than use of marijuana (e.g., lung cancer, stomach ulcers, road accidents).

Briefly, we have found many types of cannabis that reduce the expression of ACE2 receivers as the key gateway for the virus which produces COVID 19, “said Dr. Kovalchuk. In this way the virus is less likely to enter a cell which significantly reduces the risk of infection. If the receptors can be regulated, Dr Kovalchuk added, fewer people will be ill and complications will be less common amongst those who will be.

However, these extracts have nothing to do with cannabis on the market, both researchers said. These are extracts, rich in CBD and low in THC that are specially cultivated. They also found other extracts that may worsen patients’ condition. It is thus greatly discouraged to try to use cannabis in order to deal with the virus. The exact mechanisms involved are not entirely clear, but CBD extracts and their anti-inflammatory properties were typically the strongest.

During several years , the couple studied for various illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis , psoriasis, or irritable bowel syndication possible usefulness of cannabis extracts. It was Olga who had the idea to analyze her data in search of extracts which could slow down SARS-CoV-2 in response to the pandemic. Inflammation is one of them as the virus is an infection, “Dr Kovalchuk said.

The two authors have recently published a research article that shows that cannabis extracts are likely to minimize the expression of pro-inflammatory molecules that can cause significant harm to COVID-19 patients by triggering a cytokine storm. The extracts were only examined in the laboratory until now. Mouthwashes, gargles, inhalants, capsules could possibly be considered.

Researchers are actively searching for funds to perform human clinical trials.

A committee of experts will investigate whether the Canadian model could be imported in order to legitimize cannabis industry in Israel, “said Mr. Netanyahu on his Facebook page. In October 2018, Canada became the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis use under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘s leadership.

Consumer legislation was settled just before the elections in April 2019. The first two fines, with no criminal record, will only be imposed on Israelis caught on consumption.

Benjamin Netanyahu has clarified that he wishes to dislodge the courts through his projects, and that he wants to even delete convictions from the criminal record for ‘ten thousands of Israelis convicted of the personal or inadequate use of cannabis which causes unnecessary suffering.’


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