Home Preparations Before A Tiling Project

Home Preparations Before A Tiling Project 1

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia in terms of its population. As many as 5,312,163 people call the state capital of New South Wales home as of 2019. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in since it already surpassed both Paris and New York City in real estate prices. Still, families choose to live here because of the availability of wide, open spaces and parks like the Royal Botanic Garden and the Western Sydney Parklands where they can hang out and enjoy the beauty of nature all the time. It also has a thriving economy, which is perfect for people who want a stable job from one of the top corporations in the world.

Because of this, families invest in homes in Sydney and its suburbs to have the best access to the Central Business District and surrounding areas. Some would spend money on new homes, while others purchase old properties then refurbish it according to their needs. One of the first things that homeowners consider when building a new home or decorating an old one is the tile on the walls or floors. Any tiling service in Sydney is typical for these purposes. But before they can begin installing wall or floor tiles in their property, there are several preparations that they need to follow to make the tiles last for a long time.

Clear The Area 

Homeowners must make sure that the space is free from any dirt or debris ahead of time no matter what type of tile project that the homeowner plans for the house. For a new tile floor installation, they must take out all the furniture lying in the area.

Companies that provide tiling service in Sydney will use the space to bring their tools and items that they need for installing the tiles on the floor. It is also important to remember that no one should walk all over the newly installed tiles for days. So anything that is left must be off-limits until the thinset or mortal is all set.

It is also applicable when tiling kitchen countertops, walls, and the bathroom. They need to remove all kitchen appliances and utensils, as well as the toiletries and shower caddies in the toilet. These items must not be present when the tiling experts begin to work around the area where the tile project will take place.

Check The Weather

To have a successful tile installation project, homeowners should keep their homes at a relative humidity level between 30% and 70%. Anything higher from the suggested level could slow down the curing time and prolong the project. On the other hand, low humidity levels could make everything dry out faster, which may also cause the mortar to crack easily.

They must also check the temperature of the room before doing the project. If the weather is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the drying time will take a while. It will cause a delay in the application of the grouting on the tiles. So the ideal weather temperature must be anything between 60 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider The Traffic Flow

Most tiling projects can cause a lot of mess due to the mortar and grout used to make the tiles stick to the surface. Since this project often takes place indoors, it would be best if the homeowner will consider the sites that the people in the household often use to reach the other parts of the house. They can create a plan to prevent everyone from passing by the floor and wall areas with an ongoing tiling project. They may cover the floor with strips of carpet to make a walkway, or cover the furniture with fabric to protect the valuables.

Aside from these tips, homeowners must also make sure that they discuss all their concerns with their contractor before starting the tiling project. After all, the tiling service supplier knows more about the process that they need to do to make sure that the tiles will remain in place permanently. So it would help if they can trust the tile experts and let them do their job once the project begins.

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